Wife Peg

I love taking Peg shopping at the Mall after some guy had dumped his load into her and as we pass people with another guys sperm swimming around inside of her I want to share with the world how exciting it is to watch another guy fuck your wife.
I sometimes walk behind her with her cute little ass swaying back and forth and her panty's soaked with cum.
I think Peg likes it to because her hips seam to sway seductively more when we do this to.

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  • Cum oozing from her cunt and ass. Hot

  • When I was in college my wife was fucking a few of my college buddies while I was in class. When I got out of class she was often waiting for me with that freshly-fucked look about her. I would take her to lunch and maybe a little shopping knowing her pussy was filled with another man's cum. It was very exciting and the anticipation of licking her well-fucked pussy and then adding my cum to it was sensational!

  • My husband loves this too. Or fucking me before we go out so I’m all wet and sloppy, and then he exposes me. I like it, I feel sexy, and it’s a turn on to have men look at me and want to fuck me.

  • Just curious have you ever done a gang bang? My wife and are talking about it and needless to say I want about a dozen guys but she says 4 maybe 5 at the most what would you recommend?
    We did two guys once and she loved all the attention she got.

  • Start with 4 or 5. Then let her decide. It is great to watch as she is penetrated and her face as she cums

  • No we have a child and are now in our early 40.s besides Peg had a hysterectomy after out first child. But I have fantasized about another guy getting he pregnant.

  • Do you hope she gets pregnant?

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