My Asian wife has become a hotwire now and is comfortable with me watchin now as she screws other men.
One day we were Driving up to Truckee had stopped for gas at a small town called Auburn.
When we left there a hitch hiker was thumbing a ride so I stopped and picked him up.
He looked clean and was around 30 or so and we introduced ourselves and he was on his way to Reno. after awhile we began to trade jokes and my wife laughed right along with us and then I started telling some really raw ones and he kept glancing at Peg as we drove but was still laughing and sharing his jokes to and always apologized to Peg each time he said a dirty word until Peg laughed saying hell I like dirty jokes as well as anyone and told him some women jokes that were really wild even saying thing's like sucking cock and such .
He was clearly uncomfortable now so I said not a problem I share her with other men don't worry hey I bet she would give you some head if you asked.
He looked back and forth at us then looked at Peg and asked really??
She smiled at him and asked want me to and he dumbly nodded his head so Peg laughed unhooking her seat belt and crawled in back with him.
Up above Colfax there are several side frontage roads so I left the highway and parked I'm some dense trees and Peg had his cock out by now so I watched over the seat as she jacked him hard then sucked him into her mouth.
God it was over in less than a minute and Peg sat up with cum hanging from her chin and opened her mouth showing me his cum puddled on her chin then swallowed saying YUMMM as she scraped the cum off her chin smiling at me as she licked her fingers and said drive on and we talked for awhile with her in the back seat with him and she later sucked him, off again before we dropped him off at Truckee.
Peg liked to suck cock.

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  • Hot woman. Lucky guy

  • Bet he has a daughter called Meg

  • Dude stop peggin about !

  • I like the name Kate too

  • I like the comment suggesting a name change. Anyone in favour say aye ✋

  • Aye aye

  • Aye Ha Ha

  • Aye!!!

  • Aye

  • Listen honey, can you not reconsider changing Pegs name? You're upsetting an awful lot of people here, we're a good bunch but you seem to irritate them by calling her peg. How about Kate? Kate's a nice name.

  • Omg crying at this! 😂

  • Oh for Pegs sake.

  • Peg off you Pegasus

  • Omg please stop saying Peg. Can you not change it for the sake of a sexy story? It's very off putting.

  • It is Peg some asshole objected to the name Peg so I used Lea instead.

  • I object to Peg immensely

  • I have decided to finally speak my mind, and have chosen this post because it is first, and I get the sense I’ll only get backlash if I comment on the second, as it seems to be taken over by loud spoken idiots. I’m not sure I’ll fare much better here...
    I come to this site quite often, I rarely comment, so I suppose that makes me a “troll”. When it comes to reading dirty stories, though, I’m not sure that applies. I’ve seen some odd reactions, and there’s always a naysayer that “hates it”, or thinks it’s “fake!!”, but I have NEVER seen a reaction quite like this. What has gotten people so up in arms?
    I quite like the posts, they turn me on and remind me of my wilder, younger days. I think they’re well written. I certainly don’t think the OP needs “ESL classes”.
    To the person that was turned off because the wife is Asian, ok, that’s fine, Asian women aren’t your preference, but why say it? Just go read a story about European or Latin or American or whatever you’re in to.
    Why so much ire over the name Peg? I know a VERY sexy woman named Peggy, and I’ve NEVER heard a man say to her, “Oh, what’s your name? Peg? Oh, no, forget it.” I understand the “sexy name thing”.
    To the OP, do NOT let these assholes get to you. There are PLENTY of us out there that enjoy your stories and want you to keep them coming. Just be safe!
    I looked at the adultconfessions post, and to be honest, not all of the stories seem consistently written. I’m not sure there isn’t someone pretending to be the OP, replying to posts and making more.
    Either way, OP, you know who you are, and I support you.

  • Oh shut up you. If we hate the name that's our business. Now piss off.

  • Pipe down peg supporter

  • *i understand the sexy name thing
    But it’s not always true in my experience

  • I knew that you would find it so just wonder asshole.

  • Is it Peg? Or is it Lea? Which is the fake name? I would think Lea, who would go by “Peg” to be sexy? Go to adultconfessions dot com, post 38828 to see what I mean.

  • Pity peg wasn't the fake name sadly

  • Oh! Good old Peg! I can’t wait to see how this goes...

  • 😂😂😂

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