Mandy and I had been married a short time but she was about five months pregnant when we drove up to Portland Oregon on I- 5.
We had been playing around now for a couple months and Mandy to date had screwed three guys while I watched and two guys she picked up in a bar that I did not get to watch but she told me in detail what they had done. We had stopped at a town called Roseburg for lunch and was driving along and Mandy would flash a truck driver from time to time and we would laugh when he blew his Air horn for us.
Mandy was feeling randy and had moved over by me playfully rubbing my cock through my pants and we were talking about the guys she had fucked so far.
We passed a truck stop and saw an adult bok store and Mandy asked do they really have rooms in the back with holes in the wall for guys to stick their cocks through.
I said I dont know want to check and she said yes so I took the next off ramp and we went back but then Peg was reluctant to go in saying my god if there is anyo0ne there what will they think of me? I said who cares we wont ever see any of them again so she let me take her hand and with her pregnant belly stickinh out she let me guide her to the counter where I asked the guy to give me $5.00 worth of quarters and Peg was blushing like a new bride as I guided her to the closed door with vidios stenceled over the door.
She whispered there were 5 guys there hon my god what if they come back her.
I said fuck em and she began to giggle.
I opened one door looking in and no hole in the wall so I looked in the next one and again no hole.
Manty said I will start at the other end and left as I opened the next door when she called out here is one and I hurried down and sure enough there was a hole with duck tape around it and Mandy laughed saying thats a big hole I could stick my arm through it as I placed a quarter in the movie machine and picked a gal sucking a cock.
we watched and Mandy whispered what if a guy dose come down her and stick his cock through there .
Will he expect me to suck it ?
I said probably will you do it ? She asked want me to and I just smiled thjen I heard someone open the door next to ours and Mandy whiuspered someone just came in and she kneeled down peeking through the hole anmd I asked whats he doing and she said he is unziping his pants so I kneeled beside her pushing her to one side just as his cock poked through the hole.
Mandy laughed excitedly looking at his cock and I said suck it hon and she laughed whispering you do it he wont know the difference but I moved over saying its all your hon.
Mandy took his cock with her finger and thumb and started to slowly stroke it looking up at me and asked are you sure baby and I just nodded my head so she turned back to his cock and sucked the head into her mouth and started jaacking him off with her fingers and I could hear men talking in subdued tones asking what was going on and a guy said some pregnant woman is sucking guys off and then they talkewd in a louder voice telling the guy to hurry up they wanted a chance to and Mandy glanced up at me as she sucked luodly on his cock then she wqas swallwing as fast as she could as he went off and she milked his cock until he slipped out of her mouth the door opened and closed to a murmer of i,m next after him as another cock appeared through the hole aand Mandy brushed the string of the first guys cum off her chin and sucked the next one into her outh.
Seven cocks she sucked off but another cock appeared so Mandy raised her skirt and she reached between her legs and guided him into herr and she backed up against the wall and started to finger her clit as he fucked her yelling out hey I,m fucking her with eager hey guys she,s putting out now.
For almost two hours sjhe fucked and sucked until she was spent and I guided her out with guys complaining that they didnt get their turm and when I opened the door threr must have been 40 guys in there.
Mandy had cum all over her face and blouse and her hair was in disarray hanging in her face as I guided her to the door and she was recieving loud bunch of happy greetings as I helped her into the car andwe started looking for a motel so she could clean up and she was setting omn my sewater so she wouldent leak cum all over our seats.
We talked about that for weeks and we still bring it up once in awhile and neither of us can remember how many guys she did that day

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  • So funny

  • Peg.... *sniggers*

  • Well the writing fits for the worst bunch of guys that have ever commented.

  • Pegs husband- you need to stop being so bitter.

  • Worst bit of writing ever. So made up.

  • Excuse me but there was a petition to ban the name Peg.

  • LOL - Peg or Mandy??? Someone got confused in their writing.

  • Thank you! I was like wait who the fuck is Peg?

  • Will you go back there

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