Wife Peg

Peg nd I have discussed this many times about deep throating and she has successfully deep throated me a few times so we decided to try a bigger cock but first we bought a double headed 14 incher to practice on and for awhile she was able to get about half of it down her throat until she tried swallowing after it got past her tonsils that almost always made her gag.
She has successfully swallowed it down to the other end now several times and we looked for a guy with a larger cock than mine to try it on but the only guy we could find was a black guy that advertised on a swingers site.
his cock is a 10 incher and looked long and narrow and since this was just a thing we were just curious about anyway we went for it.
Josh was not handsome by any means and he had these long braids and several skin piercing things in his ears and eyes but again we were curious to see just how muck cock she could take so without much in the way of getting to know each other Peg freed his cock and washed it off with a washcloth before trying it out.
Josh jacked himself hard as Peg and I watched and his cock was so long it didn't get really hard so I pointed it out to Peg telling her she could probably swallow it easier so she got on her knees in front of him fingering her pussy with one hand as she took his dangling cock in the other hand.
She looked at me and grinned saying well here goes nothing and sucked his cock head into her mouth.
Josh gasped and laid his hand on the top of her head looking at his dick in her lips and Peg sucked more of it getting it slick with her saliva then she gagged at his cock head touched her tonsils and her saliva flooded out of her mouth coating his balls as Josh was trying to force more of his cock into her.
Then he was past her gag reflex and I watched her throat as she began to swallow his cock moving back and forty swallowing more of it with each stroke .
Pegs eyes were watering but she stubbornly continued to suck him into her throat little by little his long cock disappeared as Peg sucked harder and harder then she had to spit his cock out to catch her breath.
She sat there with his cock in her hand beside her head and sucked in huge gasps of air then looked up at me and sucked him back into her mouth swallowing him this time without much trouble sucking his cock down her throat with only a couple inches of his cock now were not covered with her saliva but now John was helping both his hands now on the back of her head as he thrust into her mouth.
I asked him if he was going to cum and he grunted ugh huh grabbing the back of her head he forced the remainder of his cock down her throat and cried out his legs began to jerk uncontrollably and Peg kneeled there eyes wide as she swallowed in reflex as he came swallowing uncontrollably breathing noisily through her nose as he pumped his cum down her throat his whole body jerking spastically
For long seconds I watched in disbelief as Peg drank his sperm then Josh pulled his cock out of her mouth I watched as his cock slowly slipped out and Peg sat there looking sideways at me her chin had long stings of her saliva swinging on the verge of dropping onto her blouse that was already covered with her saliva then his cock fell free and Peg turned to me and said I did it hon I did it wiping saliva off her chin with her fingers and sounding a little like Donald duck after the abuse her tonsils had taken.
We gathered our things and Josh was sitting on the edge of his bed still gasping for breath as Peg thanked him and we left.
Later that day she could talk normally.

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  • Pretty full on. Good on you three.

  • This works just don't stop people from commenting on the posts. That is the only reason I share our experiences.

  • Yes she was afraid of that for a few hours.

  • You're lucky she got her voice back. Our hot neighbour has been quacking ever since last week.

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