Wife Peg

Having a wife willing to screw other guys is exciting and especially when she takes the bit in her teeth and dose something on her own.
This was new for me when one day I was making a delivery and my cell went off so I pulled over and saw it was from my wife.
Her pretty Asian face greeted me with her mischievous smile and her lips were looking bruised and slimy with her saliva.
She asked if I was stopped and I told her yes and she said ok I just wanted you to watch this and she leaned backed up a little and this rigid cock appeared by her head and she was stroking it slowly and it to was slimy with her saliva and she said Lee is about ready to cum so just keep watching and her mouth covered his cock head and she began to stroke his shaft with her lips following her fingers.
I was totally surprised at this and probably looked retarded or something as Peg sucked noisily looking into the camera then she stopped and asked can you see alright and I grunted in reply she laughed her nasty laugh and sucked him back into her mouth and began to slowly suck his shaft grinning at me all the while .
I watched holding my breath knowing by the sounds Lee was making and the way Hiscock bucked into her mouth that he wouldn't last long then Peg gulped and her eyes went wide then she smiled again around his cock sucking on only the head of it now her eyes dancing with mischief and her fingers milked his shaft as she swallowed cooing and smacking her lips as she released his cock and continued to mild his shrinking cock licking some of the last bubbles of his cum out of his piss slit.
She opened her mouth showing some of his cum still covering her tongue then said gotta go hon places to go and things to do

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