Many years ago I got divorced and started live a new life well 35 good looking fit started clubbing and found strange new music and scantly clad girls there and got have my way loads but there was a girl who respected but know she wanted to get married and have kids something I could no longer do but we did go out few time had kiss cuddle even to feel boob over top bra and due to life lost contact with her well about 5 years ago found her on Facebook now a single mum so we started chatting and i always took Micky that never got more than to feel boob over her bra well she later that night sent me a photo of her boobs told her so sexy and nice but really want to fondle and even more make love to her well this went on for years never expeted happen well last weekend was sitting alone watching tv and knock at the door and there she was with bottle drink in her hand saying kids gone stay whith her x for weekend so lets have a drink and see if i was up to doing what i been saying well must say good weekend and yes got see and feel boobs even suck give her oral as well getting from her and to feel her tight pussy wraped around my cock she left next day saying she be back agine for another round

1.3 years ago

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