Forced to be a girl for my brother and friends

It started when my parents went out of town... again. My 22 year old brother and his friends came into my room and said that it’s going to happen again. I’m going to dress as a girl for them again. First they wanted to go to the gym. They made me wear a white thong and a blue bra. Then made we wear my sisters white leggings and a tight black long sleeve shirt. We got to the gym and I got lots of laughs and I felt really uncomfortable when him the locker room. When we got back they made me go swimming with them in our backyard. They made me wear a tropical flower bikini bottom with a black top. We were swimming when one of my brothers friends said he wanted some head. He grabbed me and took me inside and started grinding on me and I could feel him get hard and his penis rubbing up and down my flower bikini. He made me get down on my knees and whipped out his cock. There I was sucking it bobbing my head back and forth while wearing the flower bikini with a black top. He finished and made me swallow it. Later that night they made me change again into my sisters white lace panties and a lace white bra to math. They then said we are going to a party and made me put on a pink leather pencil skirt and a black top. At the party guys were hitting on me and I was getting made fun of. Eventually a guy grabbed me by the hips and slammed me against the wall and started rubbing up on me he took me into the bathroom and made me strip down to my white lace panties and bra and made forced my hand down his pants and started jerking him off. He then rubbed up on me more as I was just in panties and a bra and I could feel his cock riding in between my cheeks. He made me get on my knees and grabbed my head violently and said open up. He took me head and bobbed it back and forth. After a while my mouth was sore and he came all over my face And bra and panties. When we got home I cleaned up and the made me get in some lace orange panties and a bra and I sucked more of them off while now wearing those white leggings. They then made me sleep in a blue lace nightie with matching blue panties and I went to bed. This countinued for many more days. But I liked it


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  • My older brother has been pimping me out for nearly 3 years now. The oldest man who's a regular is 44 and the youngest is my other brother 13, guess I just love sex and making money in the side.

  • Come, come now you have just made this up so you could have a wank after posting it, didn't you Buddy ?

  • Well... as long as you liked it.

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