Luckiest man alive!

For six months I’ve been fucking the sexiest Milf you could wish for!
Let’s just say for me to have sex with any female is a miracle so you will know why I feel the luckiest man alive.
Awhile back my neighbor who I only knew to say hello how are you etc came knocking on my door late at night, she said she needed to collect her dad, his car has broken down and could I sit with the kids.
I said no problem, 40 minuets later she returns, while thanking me many times she offers me a hot drink, we get chatting and ask basic questions to each other.
When asked about partners I said I’m single and don’t have much luck in that department! She also said the same.
Anyway finished my drink and said goodbye.
From that night onwards when we saw each other we had more to say.
Cutting a long story short she knocked on my door again offering me to join her and kids for tea as a thank you.
By 9pm both kids are in bed, we get chatting and she starts purring her heart out, she is in tears and very upset, I try a comfort her and reassuring all is ok when she said, why can’t I meet someone like you, me I said I’m nothing to go by, I’ve been single for years, she then starts kissing me, moments later we are undressing each other and now having sex on the floor.
The next night she said the kids should be in bed by 9pm if you want to visit!
And that’s it really, on my doorstep whenever I’m wanting sex I go next door after 9pm.
Now six months on and still going I feel the luckiest man alive!

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