I feel so guilty

This has been stuck in my head for a while now, and it gets more tempting every day.
I'm a woman and... I've been fantasizing a lot about fucking my little brother. He's 22, I'm 29. It all started one night when he asked if he could crash at my place (he has a copy of the key), I was out and he was going to this party far away from his place, so I said it was okay. I returned the next morning expecting to find him having breakfast or whatever, and I'm greeted by her girlfriend moaning so hard the whole block could hear. So I open the door thinking I'll confront them on being so disrespectful to me and my place, but I freeze. It just kinda hit me that this kid I even held in my arms is now a grown up man pleasuring a woman... and I become curious. So insted I open the door to take a peek.
And I saw him, completely naked, so manly. I knew he was athletic and popular with girls, but seeing his muscles moving that way... and the bitch having the fuck of his life (I could understand why she was moaning that way, his moves were so hot). So I took a walk, went for coffee, walked in much later and he was gone... and everything had changed for me.
I've been thinking of him for weeks now. I masturbate and I picture him fucking me and I have this extremely intense orgasms. The idea of my brother fucking me gets me so hot and I'm very hooked on the feeling now, I masturbate more often and I only think of him now, it's just so hot, and I saw him on new year's eve and it was so awkward, it makes me feel so guilty to think of him that way. Has anyone ever experienced something like this for a family member before? Does this go away, ever?


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  • No guilt, it's a natural attraction. I messed around with my hot older sister for years, then we held up for a bit. Until, that is, I helped her do projects around her house. Painting in close proximity (and skin-exposing, Summer attire, as it was humid and high temps), bending, stretching, the occasional body feel and play, moving boxes..All sorts of duties that had us hot and flirty.

    Finishing up pulling wallpaper off of her bathroom wall, we'd both hit the "Oh get over here" mindset, and started messing around again, getting naked and having sex in the nearby kitchen. That became a repeat performance in the living room, and a fun, naked evening swim in her pool together. Neither of us declined or felt bad/guilty about it..Was great for both of us, and we fully enjoyed it. Still look at the pool during summer gatherings and give each other a look of "Nak-ed swim!"..

  • Don't feel guilty taboo thoughts are the best ever enjoy them don't feel bad, invited them the mind can be a wonderful pleasure for you, you can do what your heart desires with anybody at all the more the taboo the greater the pleasure you can with your self, self indulge while you are thinking about your taboo imagination enjoy it don't reject it

  • It is completely normal. Even though the thoughts behind this fantasy feel taboo just understand it is normal. The thoughts never go away. It would be in your best interest to just accept the thoughts as what they are. Thoughts. Trying to fight it will only make it feel more real and strong.

  • Don't feel guilty


  • The memory will never go away of you wanting your brother fucking you after you saw him fucking his girl friend, I am ashamed to say I felt the same after I saw my dad fucking my mother I was very aroused seeing his penis moving in and out of my mothers vagina I was jealous of my dad I wanted to do what he was doing, there is nothing special about my mum in looks or figure when we are on our own I have tried to make moves on her by telling her how good she looks and letting her catch me wanking, I have giver her bottom a smack when walking past her she just smiled at me, I know I will never commit the ultimate taboo I have herd of it but I don't think it ever happens

  • I had a friends that happened to be very good looking brother and sister. They were inseparable. He would get asked about it and his reply was incest is best!

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