Lick me again and again and again (part 2 of 2)

Part 2….

My girlfriend’s fingers on my pussy and her tongue on my asshole created an intensity I’d never felt before. An orgasm was building from her rubbing my clit and my pussy getting wetter and wetter. My climax began at the same moment my asshole relaxed a little, opening up to let the tip of her tongue slide inside my ass. When someone mentions an earth shaking orgasm this is what they mean. Your vision gets blurry, you start to see stars, your legs are shaking and you simultaneously press harder against the source of pleasure while wanting to pull away because it’s just too much.

With her tongue finally inside my rectum, Maureen fucked my ass with her tongue until I could feel my wetness on my inner thighs. She moved her tongue away from my butthole to lick up my pussy juices but slid a finger inside my asshole to keep fucking me to more orgasms. There was pain when she tried to slip in a second finger but that just made me cum more. With the spasms of my climax settling down I collapsed on the bed. She urged me to roll over on my back again as she continued to lick my pussy from my butthole to my clit, drinking in every bit of wetness that continued as the wave slowly wound down.

She moved back up beside me, kissing me slowly and passionately on my mouth. I could taste my pussy on her face and in her mouth. She played with my boobs a little before laying back. I leaned over to kiss her and ran my hand over her beautiful small tits and playfully pinched her nipples. We just laid there, each of us lost in our own thoughts and I moved my hand down and started lazily fingering her pussy. I was surprised at how wet she was. She told me she had been cumming as hard as me! She reached down, pushing my fingers inside her vagina before bringing my hand to her mouth so she could taste her own pussy juices. We laid there holding hands and talking about the move before she rolled over to face me.

Maureen reached her hand down again and was stroking my pussy. I was still wet and it wouldn’t have taken much to get me going again. She started kissing me again and sucking on my breasts. As she did this she moved a finger back to my asshole and started pressing against it. I gasped and she asked me about my anal experiences and told me about hers. Neither of us had done much in that area but she was fascinated by the reaction some women (like me) had to it while she found it mostly painful herself. I said that I would definitely be willing to experiment more in the future but my husband was not really into it and had only tried lightweight anal play a couple times. Maureen said her husband wanted to fuck her ass but had no interest in his asshole being touched. She kissed me again and pressed the tip of her finger into my butt, wiggling it around. The nerve endings in that area are definitely super sensitive and responsive and I started to get horny again. Maureen then asked, are you up for a little more play or sleepy? I said we could try a little more and she jumped up saying she’d be right back. I went to use the bathroom to pee and clean up my pussy and backside.

I went back to the bed and when Maureen walked out of her closet she was carrying a pink tote bag. She stopped and said I promise everything is super clean and/or never used! Knowing what a clean freak she was, I wasn’t concerned at all. She proceeded to pull out a high intensity vibrator, a couple dildos (small, larger and textured), a butt plug(!) and lubricant! She said there were a few more surprises in the bag because she was so excited never believing she would ever have a chance to act on her fantasies.

She pushed me back on the bed and lay down on top of me, kissing my mouth deeply, then my neck and down my body with a long stop at my tits. She took extra time caressing and fondling them while sucking my nipples like her life depended on it. Moving down to my pussy again, she said that she was taking her time because she had no idea when or if she’d have the opportunity again.

With that she started eating my pussy, bringing me to numerous orgasms before reaching for the tote again. She pulled out the biggest dildo (a gigantic black ribbed one) and a bottle of lube and announced that now the real fun would begin! I’m sure my eyes popped out of my head because she laughed and said “I’m kidding, I’m kidding” and moved them to the side, as she instead pulled out a rather small, soft and flexible dildo. She held it up and said, “To start with. To START with!” and told me to roll over onto my stomach.

Needless to say we were exhausted by morning and not too excited about our friends’ enthusiastic suggestion to have breakfast, but we went, had fun conversation, and everyone said their goodbyes. She and I went back to her house so I could pick up my car and to say our own goodbyes. Unfortunately the packing and cleaning crews were waiting to be let inside. Maureen had forgotten they were due that day or the next. Luck would have it that they came early.

Maureen asked them to wait a minute while we said goodbye and proceeded to kiss me like we were long time lovers. She slipped her hands up under my top and squeezed my boobs, rolling and pinching my nipples between her fingers. She started to slide a hand into my waistband but stopped, clearly not intending to continue but loving the crew’s eyes popping out, the mouths that had dropped open and an erection or two growing amongst the cleaning crew.

We called each other a couple times, communicated through social media a little and only saw one another once again when she invited me to visit her in Australia, but it was a time filled with activities, parents and grandchildren, neighbors and friends, and even if we had wanted to, there just wasn’t an opportunity to even consider playing again.

My feelings regarding attraction for other women haven’t changed but it was an experience I’ll never forget and I’d give anything to have it happen again, but I don’t think that’s likely to occur. I mean, what are the odds?!??

10 months ago

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    • Hi I'm Sue I love the story amazing. I'm a married milf slut and I love pussy just as much as cock. Reading this then has made my pussy very very wet my juices are running down the crack of my ass. I'm so fucking turned on and horny right now . Email me

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