Mother in law...

My Mother in law always walks around her house in the evening in nothing but a t-shirt and think she wants me?

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  • I don't rightly know about you son, only me & being blessed with not only good features but outstanding genitalia, if I was you, she'd be toast & she'd know it walking around, teasing.

  • Pull your dick out and give her some meat

  • Trying complimenting her or let her catch you looking, see how she reacts

  • I don't think she wants you. She wants you to see her and want her. Let her catch you masturbating after seeing her, that'll get her off.

  • More than likely, she doesn't want you. There are 3 possibilities:

    1. She is testing your pervert level (and how you respond)
    2. She is creating a trap to tell your wife that you are no good
    3. She is needing your dick, because her husband can't do it anymore

  • You failed to list #4. ; she is acting out her perverted fantasies.

  • Totally normal, my wife and MIL do the same thing. I have even seen her wear a white one that I can see her nipples thru.

  • It's a trap.

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