Best friend

Ok so me and my best friend are both 33. Weve been friends since we were 11. We used to stay at each others house all the time. Even when we moved out of our parents i would still go spend days at a time at his house just playing video games and stuff. We r both strait and never even came vlose to foing anything together. One night we were playing games sitting in his bed n i started to doze off. I dont think i was asleep very long when i felt the bed shaking. Half asleep i paid it no mind but it didnt stop. I kind of peeked over my shoulder and there was my friend jerking off next to me. I dont kno why but started to get extremely horny. As i laid there it was like i lost control of my normal self. All of a sudden i slowly scooched my ass closer to my friend. He thought i was asleep obviously. I was just shifting as people do. I slowly kept rubbing my ass into his thigh. Doing this kind of worked my underwear down off my ass. He mustve been in the zone too bcuz he slowly turned towards me. As he stopped jerking he started grinding his dick against me thru the blanket. After about 2 minutes i coukd feel him reaching to pull up the blanket. Knowing he was trying to get under them as well i slid my hand to my ass and spread my cheek. He obviously knew i was awake at this point and when he seen me spreading my ass he gently asked " u sure"? Trembling with fear n excitement i said uh huh. He started grinding my bare ass , teasing me bad. He then again asked if i was sure, and without responding i reached back and grabbed dick and guided it towards my hole. It was that split second i realized my friends cock was huge. I have big hands and it made them feel tiny. I could barely wrap my hand around it and it had to b at least double my hand width in legnth. He tried to get it in but it wasnt fitting. Thats when i finally moved. I told him to stand up. I moved to the edge of the bed. I pushed my ass slightly off the edge of the bed and lifted my legs. I told him he should have better leverage this way. He grabbed my thighs and tried to slide it in and it still wasnt going. Getting impatient i looked him in the eyes and said force it in. I want your cock inside me now! He grabbed my ankles and pushed them behind my head and slammed him huge dick in my virgin ass. I let out a screech as he slowly pumped in n out of me. It hurt so bad but felt so good. His cock being that big and my ass being that tight i figured he wouldnt last very long. So i looked up at him and told him to pound my guts out. He grabbed my throat and slammed all of what had to b 12 inches inside me. Fuck it felt so good. He asked me where he should cum and i said inside me, i want u to put ur baby inside me. Kiss me when you cum. He leaned down n stuck his tongue down my throat. Passionately kissing i could feel his massive cock swelling inside me. He shoved it as far in me as it could go and started spraying his creamy load in my guts. I started cumming all over myself. Hes a huge cummer cuz he shot his load in me n then pulled halway out and shoved it back in for another long explosion and repeated this like 8 times. It was shooting out of my ass around his cock at this point. After that we just fucked each other for a week straight.

3 months ago

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    • Doesn't sound like you were straight that week.

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