Wife's 3 naughty confessions

In the bed the other night my wife was encouraged to share with me maybe a new sexual story from her past.
One must know that my wife has always been attracted to older men.
"I was 24 - and my father asked me to play hostess at his weekly card party. Nothing raunchy - although I did wear my nice tight white shorts - and being small breasted I didn't need a bra. Both of which these old guys seemed to enjoy. Remember my Dad was 42 when I was born - so he and his buddies were in their late 60's, early 70's."
My Dad said I was the talk of the evening - when they all got together later. A couple of the guys asked my Dad if they might ask me for a date. My Dad said he told them that "Kathy is a grown woman with her own mind - you'll need to ask her."
"Well, so Robert, one of the lawyers from the card game took me for a nice dinner - then offered to show me his newly furnished office downtown. Yeah - surprise surprise....we get into his office, he leans against his desk in front of my chair and starts to tell me how attractive I am. How sexy I am. Then he asks me if I would ever consider giving him a "sexual favor". ! I told him that I did find him somewhat attractive, too - but what is the favor he wants from me? He said - his wife never gives him head - and if she does a little she never lets him finish in her mouth. All the while he is talking he is lowering the zipper on his suit pants and walking slowly towards me."
"Well, I'm thinking you should have seen this coming - now he's fed you an expensive dinner and wants my sex!"
"So, what did you do?"
"As he stood in front of me and dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles I took his medium sized dick in my hand and started slowly, sexily, licking his balls. He got very stiff for me so I let each of his balls slide from my mouth --- and I gave him a nice blow-job. As he neared cumming he asked me to "please don't pull off?!"....so I did not. He shot a very large load, for a 70 yr old!, into the back of my throat - and I was able to swallow it all."
"He seemed very embarrassed - for having cum in the mouth of his friend's young daughter.....but I reassured him that I enjoyed it and was flattered by his attention!"(it wasn't the worst tasting blow job i've ever had - he was fairly gentle when he grabbed my head and face-fucked me when he came) ....and got the hell out of his office - thinking, "damn, he's going to be bragging about getting head from me to his buds - hope my Dad doesn't hear!"

Story two - dinner and dancing with another of Dad's friends. In his car in the parking lot! he started kissing my neck, and running his hands on my thighs. Slipped his hand under my dress and told me that he had "always fantasized about touching my fur!" He did - pretty skillfully and fingered me to a very nice orgasm in the front seat of his car. I opened my eyes after cumming and saw that we had totally fogged up his car windows....which looked a little naughty to the people who saw our age differences when I got out.

Dad's friend three: dinner and a hotel out of town - for a car race. He is somewhat over-weight but he liked watching me dance. Two men took turns with me on the dance floor for nearly 2 hours. I was wearing a light, shortish summer dress, no bra and the new satin thong my date had presented me with before we went down to dinner. I'd never worn a thong before - so it was an "experience" with that thing sliding tightly up and down in my butt as we danced fast - and when they 'discovered' it during a few slow dances. The 2 handsome suits knew each other and tried hard to get me to come back to their room for the night! I couldn't do that to my Dad's friend - I knew he was looking forward to sex with me back in our room. He's made that clear all afternoon! By the time I took him by the hand and led him back to our room I was so horny from the attentions (fingers, kisses, groping -AND thinking they'd surely want to "DP" me! maybe my only chance ever to experience that!) of my 2 dance partners that I was in need of a really big fucking! I was sooo horny!"
"How'd it go, back in your room?"
"I gave him the ride of his life! Sucked him back up again, let him watch me walk around the room wearing nothing but that white satin thong up my little ass - then he threw me on the bed and put my feet up to the head board and pounded me for all his little dick was worth! I tried laying on his tum and getting him back to life again - but his cock was just not up to another go - so I rubbed myself out on his thick thigh while he slept."
"So, pretty sexy experience with another senior citizen, eh?"
"Well, sadly - he asked me to marry him the next day. He was wealthy -and a big shot is State govt., so I talked yo my Dad. My Dad asked me - "do you really want to wake up next to that man for the rest of his life?"
"No, I didn't."
"Some of these old guys are like little boys when it comes to their dicks. I just had fun giving him some hot sex....nothing more."
I think eventually - she made it all the way around her Dad's card table - and there were hints (when she was really drunk) that ol' Dad really enjoyed hearing the details of her adventures with his buds .....and just maybe may have got some "attention" from her, too. Gropes, kissing....or just watching her getting plowed up in her room?"
I do love hearing her sexy past!

Apr 26

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    • I do have a mate with a very fuckable daughter! She is so innocent and hot in her little shorts and tops. I think she will be 17 next year.
      Wish I had a daughter like that!

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