Expose her while shes sleepinv

Ive been dating my gf for about 4 years now. Shes 22, 7 years younger than me. Shes a good girl, never goes out never been to a club till i took her. Shes works n comes home, that being said we love to drink and do lines, she has depression problems since a teen and has a habbit of taking sleeping pills. I love voyeur, seeing or recording unaware girls from my aunt, nieces, mom/friends familys downblouse or legs laying on the couch etc. I took my gf out to a bar for one of my co-workers bday parties. Me and her started drinking at home hours before we went out since it was a saturday. Btw shes blonde and has gained a little bit of weight do to all the pills she was on. So we were a little buzzed, then i started being sneaky and pouring myself tiny shot while i filled her shot glass to the rim. She was definitly getting tipsy. So i called a cab to head out. As wd got in the cab she realised she didnt bring her birth control.pills. so i said ill run in and grab them. When i seen her stash of pills there was some ambien pills she used once and had said they were too strong and made her drowsy the next day. Well i grabbed one, i got in the cab and gave her the b controll pill. We got to the bar and i continued to buy her shots and doubles. About 2 hours in she was wasted. I looked at her and said , o shit ur b control pill, i forgot to give it to u. She was so drunk she didnt remember taking it already. I knew it was strong so i gave her half, she didnt even look just swallowed it. I knew it.was home timd. I called a cab and was told it was over an hour wait. One of my co workers (bill) whis about 55 said he already had a cab on its way and i could ride with him since my place was on the way. My gf had a nice black strapless dress with a flower pattern which almost came to her knees. She was pretty hammered so i held her and didnt put her jacket on. I put her in the back and i jumped in the front letting him sit with her. On the way i stopped to get smokes and she said she had to pee so i took her with me. She was hammered so i helped pull her panties down n sit on the toilet. I ended up puttin her panties in my pocket and told her were almost home she could put them on there. It was a 20.minute drive. After about 15 mins al i.heard was snoring. I looked back and she was fast asleep and her legs edposed. After about 5 mins o looked back and could tell he moved them a bit higher. We got to my condo. I asked him oif hercould help me carry her and he seemed almost excited to. I told her just to grab her legs since it was easir, i knew her bald slit was glowing between her thighs. We got to my door and asked him to hold her her so get in. Whem i opened a said i cpuld carry her. I offered him drink he said sure like rite away.i layed her down with her legs facong tiowrd bill. Her legs were open enough just to see her pusdy a little. I the asked to help me put her in bed. I i helpnoticed 7l83. When i did put her down i puled her legs apart and i heard a woow. I looked at him and he stillhad his hand on her her thighs. I pretended to act like i didnt know her little pussy exposed. I said i had to eyn to bathroom. I came back and seen her legs wide open. I acted shocked but had and him asked if he enjoed the view. He looked nervous to answer rudely so i grabbed her legs and held them spread wide ipen said its ok. I guess he figured it out kept saying he was amazed and how smoothe it looked. I looked at him and said it tastes amazng too. He looked so happy so i told him to have a taste. Hes 55 shes 23 dnt forget. Without hesitation he wemt town on her pusdy. I let him kiss and suck her pussy swollen.

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  • Since my divorce, I have a steady routine, every Friday after work, I'd come home make dinner, eat (sometimes alone, sometimes with my son), shower, and sit in front of the fireplace in my night gown, reading a book with a glass of wine. Somehow I would always fall asleep on the couch in my room, and wake up with the feeling of just having sex. It went on for a few months, then I saw this movie and gave me the idea of a nanny camera, I set it up, and to my surprise, my sons friend that was staying with us for the time, was coming into my bedroom and undressing me, I had nothing on under my gown, and touching me all over, and had sex with me, I couldn't believe what was happening to me, this young boy was only 16, and was raping me repeatedly.

  • Nice work if you can get it. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night if you are divorced and not getting any other action.

  • It's so not right, especially when you spike my wine with a bunch of sleeping pills, to rape me.

  • Don’t drink the wine and just pretend to be asleep so you can enjoy it.

  • My husband does this. I never know when he’s going to, I just suddenly think I’m getting drunk quicker than usual, and pass out. A few times I’ve come to in a fog with someone fucking me. I like waking up groggy and finding out how many cocks have been in me. He likes when I don’t shower the next day and he can see all the cum running down my legs.

  • Lord, if you are going to treat your poor girl this way, at least have a young guy hotter than you are to do the deed.

  • Wow awesome she just went from 22 to 23 like that!....

  • It was her birthday party that night

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