No panties

One day when my girlfriends mom and I were alone she told me that she waa not wearing any panties. She also let me look up her skirt and see her pretty pussy. She let me kiss her neck and rub her inner thigh almost to her pussy. I don't know why she did this but I want to fuck her so bad I can taste her. How should.I tell.her and not get in trouble.

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  • The old dear was just wanting cock and you did nothing about it bet you went to the bog and had a wank .

  • Are you really saying you don't know why she did this when she showed her cunt and you had her hand between her legs, well being as your so dumb I will explain what you should have done, you should have got your dick out and fucked her.

  • She may have been testing you. You failed, and now she is going to tell your gf, who is going to dump you.

  • Honestly you probably can’t. Best to leave it a fantasy.

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