My wife will not let another man fuck her! When we go clubbing or dancing, I have seen her kiss passionatly, and men play with her pussy and tit's. She get's so horny i don't know how she keep's from letting them fuck her? Over the year's i have ask her to let another man fuck her but she said she would feel too guitly? Once at a party she was really drunk and a guy had taken her pantie's off, everyone else had left and he ask me if he could fuck her, I said no because she would no know what was happening, and i would feel like an asshole!! Help, should i have let him fuck her?

Jun 28
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    • Bitch should be fuckin me god dammit

    • If you are in England take her to some dogging sites at night. She will surely loosen up to your surprise!

    • May be she wants a BBC...

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    • You did the right thing. If she had just had a few drinks and knew what she was doing all good.
      Nothing like watching another man's cock slide in your wife. Love it.

    • Normally I would say no. However it seems she wants some strange dick. She just don't want you to see what a slut she is. Why don't you just get her tipsy not totally drunk. She will be relaxed and I am shore she will fuck him.

    • I let my girl fuck anyone she wants but it has to be her decision. Letting someone else fuck her when she is drunk is not cool if she didn’t make the decision herself with your blessings
      I say well done for protecting her while she was drunk. if she wants to fuck someone else then let her make that decision when she is clearer in the mind

    • She made the decision. She allowed the guy to take off her panties. Drunk or sober she wanted that guy. End of story

    • I would have let him fuck her and with no condom. Let him fill her up with his cum put her panties back on take her home put her to bed with cummy panties on. When she wakes up in the morning she’ll know she got fucked and not by you. Because if she behaving as you described she’s already been fucked by someone else maybe several someone else’s.

    • Agreed. She wanted it. No doubt about it

    • Trust me she will fuck someone else if she's kissing and letting other guys play with her. She's just getting comfortable with the idea. That's how my wife started out just flirting with guys playing hard to get. She was fucking this guy for a month before I found out about it she didn't want me to know because she felt guilty and she thought that I would be angry. I told her that I was okay with it then I asked her if she really enjoyed getting fucked by someone else and that's when she opened up to me and was honest about how she felt and how exciting it was to be with someone new. That was 20 years ago she's had a lot of one night stands and guys that she fucked multiple times for months at a time. I haven't been able to watch her fucking other guys as much as I would have liked but I did get to watch her fucking a few times and it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. We are still married today and we love each other more than anything.

    • What I found funny, and not ha ha, was how uninhibited my wife was with a stranger. She'll go oral, 69, ride on top. It just mind boggling how comfortable she can be naked with a stranger

    • YES, if your wife let him take her panties off she wanted it and you are an asshole from keeping it from her

    • C'mon buddy! Watching my wife neck and pet with some guy would be incredibly sexy to see! The fucking part is where the guilt and second guessing come into play - avoid it!
      Let her play with some stranger - while he plays with her body.
      Passionately kissing is almost better than fucking - sooo personal! And why so many prostitutes won't kiss a john! Just keep getting hard watching her doing all that foreplay with strangers!@

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