Me and my cousin

I'm 49 and my cousin is 48 i remember the day that me and her were in her room it was 16 and she was 15 it was on a saturday we were watching or playing nintendo when i decided to take a chance and ask her if she would let me touch her breasts and her nipples i did'nt know what her reaction was going to be ,so just when i was about to ask her my tia came in the roon to let us know she was going to the narket with my uncle so not to open the door to anybody and i thougt to myself here is my chance so after her mom left i turn to her and told her if she would like to try something and she sid what so i told her if she would let me touch her breast and nipples like i saw in this movie and she said ok so i took off her shirt from her p'js and began to touch and lick her tits rhen after a while i notice she was getting really wet so i ask her if she was willing to let me try something else and she ask me what so i told her if she would let me touch her pussy and at first she said maybe but after a while she told me to go check and make sure we were alone abd rhen she would tell me so i went to go check an we were alone so i told her we were alone and she told me ok but to be carefull and i said yes so i began pulling her panties to stick my hand and touch her pussy but it was to hard to touch her pussy and keep touching her tits so i ask her to let me pull down panties a little nit more and she said yeah so i did then when i did notice that she was really wet i ask her to let me eat her and she said ok so i ate her till she came it was so good i will never forget it.

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