I'm to afraid to say anything.

We just moved into a new house and our wash machine broke. So in the evenings after I make my husband something to eat before he went to work , I would go to the laundry mat to wash our clothes. We have ordered a new one but because of the holidays it's going to be a couple more weeks. I went to do the laundry I was pleased to see I was the only one there. But soon some creepy guys walked in. I was very nervous and began stressing out. I realized that if they did something to me no one would be there to help me. I became overwhelmed with panic. It was dark out side and I didn't have much on. I started hyperventilating , the two men came over to find out what the hell was wrong with me. I freaked out and said I'll do anything you want just don't kill me. They looked at me like I was an idiot. I can't explain how I felt or the fear that was running through my head. As they began to speak broken English I started undressing and begging them not to kill me. I quickly took my shirt off and pulled my sweat pants down , I turned around and went to my hands and knees. Hell ya one said. I kept my head down as they took turns fucking me. When they were done. I got up and watched them get started emptying the machines of the quarters one gave me a hand full and you no pay for wash. They put the rest of the money in the round vault in the ground. They waved to me and left. Omg what , I can not even believe what I have done. Omg they were just the workers. Omg


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  • The thought of you getting nervous or whatever and letting a couple guys fuck you in a public place is a massive turn on

  • Ok I'm glad you liked my confession

  • Are you on birth control?

  • Yes I am

  • Have you done something like this in the past , I am very interested in hearing more about this

  • Is it still rape even if she gave partial consent?Being scared and not in her right mind!

  • I don't feel like they raped me or that they were ever going to. I just made a mistake do to my condition. I'm an idiot

  • So just because you were scared and offered yourself to them they should just have you,no real,decent man would have and in your condition you couldn't give consent.Its like drunken consent,its not real consent.

  • I don't understand what are you saying

  • If this happened, you definitely jumped the gun and let them have you. Or, just wanted it. Laundromats are great for those sort of hookups. Years ago, I used to go to a laundromat every Saturday, and hang out with the slender, blonde employee, Brandy. I'd get us lunch at the hoagie shop next door, we'd chat, and, after a little working on her, fuck her in the back of the dry cleaning shop when it was closed. We made this a regular Saturday thing.

    Last year, when my washer conked out, I started going to a laundromat down the road from me. Usually uneventful, maybe chat with someone here and there, but one afternoon, met a beautiful brunette with the sexiest smile I've ever seen, and, a foot boot. Helped her with her clothes and paid for two dryers for her. First time, nothing happened other than phone number exchanges and a hug and quick-lip kiss goodbye.

    Next time, though..We knew, this had to happen. Soon as our clothes were done, I put hers in her car and she stayed inside. We were last done, and the double line of dryers in the middle of the laundromat provided good cover. We started up, hands all over each other and messing around, got our pants down, and fucked on the folding table, blocked by the dryers.

  • It has to be twenty years ago now, back then I was working for the owner of an apartment complex. Me and another guy went into an apartment to do some work. The woman that lived there had told me to just let myself in as she would be gone to work when we got there. Apparently she never told her mother who was staying with her that we would be coming there and letting ourselves in. Much like the OP she freaked when she saw us in the apartment begging us not to kill her, saying if we are there to rape her she wouldn't fight us , just don't hurt her. We are standing there dumbfounded trying to get her to calm down , next thing she yanks her night shirt over her head tits and panties om full display, begging us to just not hurt her. We bolted out of that apartment as fast as we could. We got a call less then an hour later with her daughter apologizing for her mother acting crazy.

  • You may want to see your doctor about anxiety, or something. Your reaction seems a little off base.

    Although I would love to get fucked by two strangers in a laundry mat... did they both cum inside you?

  • I am seeing someone for my anxiety and for other issues , yes they did. Yes I have been checked but have to be checked again in 8 more days.

  • I think the real question is did you cum when they took turns fucking you and filling your hot pussy full of cum?

  • Shamefully I did. Do you think I do really have mental issues ?

  • Have you masturbated and thought of it at the same time yet?

  • I haven't masturbated

  • You are going to be thinking about them fucking you every time you have sex with your husband now. Cumming to the thought of their hard cocks filling your pussy and cumming in you.

  • My husband and I haven't done it since, but I can't stop thinking about that day

  • Everyone thinks I'm an idiot and they're right. I still can't believe what I have done

  • You are NOT an idiot. You were overcome with anxiety and over reacted. You are smart enough to be seeking medical help. Give yourself a break, and good luck to you.

  • Ty for the support , I was going to ask the therapist if I should tell my husband what happened. I see her today at 3

  • I would NOT tell my husband.

  • This is wow. Like ooh!

  • I can't decide if this should be called a dirty story or a clean one! LOL!

  • Hahahaha. Just wow.

  • You are just a cow how just wants cock from anybody hope you get a dose .

  • "They looked at me like I was an idiot." Oh, yes they did!

  • Sweetheart not even a good fantasy

  • Sure it is. She fantasizes about some workers banging her from behindvin a laundromat. Its nicely squalid. Maaking me hard now.

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