Married woman

I am a married woman in my early 40s. My husband is a long hall truck driver gone most days during the week. In over 20 years of marriage I have never cheated on him until now. I am not sure why I did it or even who the guy was. I was sitting here one night and I hear a knock on the door. I go to answer and this guy is there telling me he found a dog in the street and wanted to know if it was mine. I was a bit skeptical but he did have the dirty dog by the collar and he looked dirty from chasing it. His car was in the street with the lights on. I took a chance and opened the door. I immediately recognize the dog and new it belong to the neighbor three houses down. I went with him to drop off the dog and when we walked back I asked if he wanted a wash cloth to clean up with. He accepted but he was more dirty than a wash cloth so he jumped in the shower. I put his clothes in the wash and when he got out I had a pair of sweatpants for him to put on. He didn't have an underwear on and I could clearly see his cock against the sweatpants. I couldn't help but look, he was really big. When he caught me I tried to look away but he laughed. Then he asked if I wanted to see it. I didn't say no, so he pulled his pants down and all I can say was WOW. He was big, a lot bigger than my husband. I started playing with him and he got even bigger and hard. I stripped my pants off and laid down on the couch. I fingered myself and watched him stroke his cock. Then he got between my legs. I grabbed his cock with one hand and his ass with my other. I was so wet and horny that when I put his cock up to my vag and pulled him, he slid right in. He fucked me for a few minutes before I had an earth moving orgasm. When he was done we got up and waited for his clothes to dry. Then he left. I have no idea who he was, where he was from, or what his name was. But oh my God was he fun.

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  • 20 years of marriage and you don't know its "haul".

  • Wild crazy random hot sex and big dicks are what we will remember when we are old and dried up. Good for you.

  • So, in your high school yearbook, you were voted " Most Likely to Wind Up in Multiple Garbage Bags at the Bottom of a Dumpster " ?

  • And you were voted most likely to like your own post on social media.

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