Car wash

Once a week after I drop my husband off down the street at his shop. I go to the car wash. I keep my phone on FaceTime so he can see me teasing any men that may be there. I have caught many looking at me while I was bent over . My husband has always pressed me to go further as he sits in the bathroom at work jerking off. Today was the day. The car wash was empty except for the attendant , he was standing behind me talking to me as I was bent over vacuuming the carpet. His words started slurring I knew he was getting a great view , I looked at my phone and my husband was already cumming then the phone turned off. The guy offered to help me by touching me on my back. I said isn't there something else you would like to be doing back there. In seconds he was fucking me , my phone started vibrating I answered on Facetime so my husband was able to see the last few minutes of the cumming in side me. Our relationship is about to go into a different level.

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  • I wish this could eventually happen to my fiancée.

  • Very sexy I love women that are willing to use their body to tease men. You are amazing I wish I could watch you at the car wash

  • My virgin fiancée likes to tease men with her body. You’d love seeing her fit body, round ass, and pretty face. And hopefully more.

  • That is crude sexual conduct in pubic at a car wash. are you mentally backwards?

  • What? People have sex in public all the time.

  • No I. I'm not backwards. That's rude to say.

  • No you ain't backwards how big was his manhood?

  • Oooooffft very hot

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