Primary school time

So once in primary school me and my friend we was playing in the playground one time with his friend and he told me to go over to a bench and lye down on it and told me to close my eyes so i did but then my face felt warm and felt a bit weird he told me to open my eyes and i could see his ass he farted on my face and rubbed his ass all over my face with his pants on though
and I kind of liked it so then his friend asked me if he could do the same so i told him "sure" so he sat on my face and farted and rubbed his ass on my face
a few days later we was all in the bathroom in school and he said put my head down and look forward so i did and he told me to run towards him so i did and he put his dick near my face but he had his pants on and his other friend did the same and they started laughing saying it felt nice I liked it though and then it came to his birthday a few months later in February i think it was from April the year before so i was at his house and he said he needed to plug his phone in upstairs and he asked me to come with him to check something on his phone but when we got upstairs he went into the bathroom and said to me "come in " so i stepped in nervously and he pulled his pants down and had a piss in the toilet he said come closer to me so i went closer to him and he said put my hand were he was going to piss so i would feel his piss so i did and then i went to wash my hands when he stopped me he said don't wash your hands so i didn't he said lick my hand but i didn't i wiped it on some tissue and put it down the toilet he got annoyed at me for not licking his piss off my hand so he ran to the door and pulled his pants down again and said that ii was not leaving until i felt touched his dick so i said no he locked me in the bathroom for a good 30-40 minutes so i gave up and touched his dick he said okay you can go and my dad was wating for me outside and went home .. but he still sat on my face a few times after that

10 months ago

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