I was spanked right up until I was about 16-17 years old, it was the go to punishment for me from my dad. He would sometimes tell me to pull down my clothes or if he was really mad he would just pull it all down himself. Either way it was always a bare butt spanking. Most of the time we were bent over the arm of the couch but an urgent spank was usually delivered over his legs. The only reason they stopped happening was he passed away but to tell you the truth I never really thought they hurt that badly, I can only remember maybe three times that my butt hurt bad enough to sting for hours later. I think my dad just wanted to see our bare asses because I can remember a few spankings where between the swats as he was telling me why I was being spanked his fingers were laying on my skin, sometimes spreading my cheeks out a little giving him what I am sure was a good view. I also remember feeling the bottom of my lips getting hit a few times when he really bent me over. Years later I often wonder if he spanked my mom for sexual pleasure because he would always swat her rear around the house. He would come home from work and most of the time the first thing he did was swat my moms rear and tell her that is for anything bad you did today.
I got a break from spanking of about five years, my boyfriend now husband asked me one night if I needed a spanking. I told him that if it would get me out of trouble then yes. He was surprised as I laid myself across his lap on the couch then pulled down my clothes baring my ass to him. He spanked me pretty lightly really with his swats turning into caresses, his fingers roaming down to my anus and lips.
We have progressed quite a bit from that first swatting as he likes to call it, he almost always swats my cheeks during sex. He loves it when I bend way over at the waist and he enters me, he tells me my ass forms this perfect shape that gets him hard as a rock.

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  • You lucky girl!

  • You lucky girl

  • Did ypu felt sexual pleasure when your dad spank you ?

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