Spankings When I was a Teenager

I was spanked by my mom many times in my late teenage (ages 16-19) years. Mom also spanked me a few times in my earlier years, but my spankings were accelerated in my late teens.

It all started when the school librarian spanked me in school for not returning an overdue book, after being asked to do so for many months. When she had had enough of me ignoring her requests, she put me over her knee and spanked me. she said she would spank everyday from then on that I did not return the book. I returned it the next day. She gave me an added incentive to return the book when she told me that if she needed to spank me again, it would be with my pants down!!!

When my mom found out about this episode, she told me she was also going to spank me for my negligence. Mom had not spanked me for about three years, but she did spank me that night when I was 16. She also told me she had let me off many times when I should have been spanked, so it was now going to change. Starting that night I estimate my mom spanked me once a month through the rest of my high school years. That was a lot of spankings, but I deserved every one of them.

When I went to college I reached my 19th birthday, just before Christmas break. I went home for Christmas and mom said she knew I had hitchhiked some rides, and I admitted I had. Mom had a rule that none of us was allowed to hitchhike, so she asked me "now what do I have to do." The answer to this question was always "give me a spanking." With that mom patted her lap and helped me get into position for my spanking. She asked if I was comfortable and if I knew why she was going to spank me. After answering, mom told me I was going to get 20 good swats, because hitchhiking was so dangerous. The spanking began, and I got all 20 swats she had promised. I was in tears before the 10th swat. I never hitched another ride after my mom gave me that spanking, so her mission was accomplished. It was the last time I had to go over mom's knee.

Many will say I was too old to be spanked in my late teens, but I learned from those spankings, so I have nothing but the utmost respect for my mom for spanking me when I still needed to be spanked.

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  • It sounds like your more than liked spanking you, did she have your knickers down, the question is did you enjoy it, I use to enjoy my dad spanking me I loved him pulling my knickers down and exposing my bottom

  • This was the only spanking my mom ever gave me on my bare bottom. I broke her rule and deserved to be spanked!

  • FAKE - This is written by a guilty spanker trying to justify their abusive actions by manufacturing some tales to salve their conscience. You deserve to be spanked with a bat.

  • Once a month isn’t a lot, once a week would be better. You’re never too young or old to be bent over naked and spanked.

  • Wow you very lucky person

  • I was fortunate to have a mom who cared enough to spank me when I needed it, and after breaking her rule about hitchhiking I real did deserve to be spanked and my mom delivered as she had always promised! I know some people who claim they were never spanked by their mom. I say to them they missed an important part of growing up!

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