I flashed drivers on the road. Love truck drivers

My boyfriend and I were going on a roadtrip from Tennessee to Arkansas. The road was pretty much deserted. Being so bored, he suggested me to take my clothes off and play his little game. Whenever a car approached us, I must quickly pull up the blanket and cover myself. Especially not let the cop catch us because we would be fine for PDA.

But then things got hotter. I would let some truck drivers see my naked body. They work a hard tiring job and I dont mind to entertain them a little bit. My boyfriend seemed to like it. He told me to roll down the window. When we were about to pass some cars beside, I made eye contact and teased several drivers along the way by squeezing my boobs and licking my lips.

As we stopped at a rest area, I saw one truck driver I made eye contact with. While my boyfriend took a nap, I sneaked in the back of the truck and basically beg the driver to fuck me as I was feeling horny af. He and his friend definitely knew how to treat a slut like me. They fucked me hard and then made me to walk naked from their truck to my car, saying that was how a whore should do. Luckily there was no one at the rest area.

But my boyfriend knew. He said it was okay. Next time at a rest area, i will find a truck driver and let him fuck me again.

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  • Nice fantasy. Truck stops are NEVER empty.

  • I’m a truck driver and love it when a cutie like you flashes us, it makes our day.

  • You are a true slut babe. Wish I could meet you on the road some day. Where are u living? I can drive there and fuck the hell outta you

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