I also sucked off my neighbor and let him have me

I am a woman, 38 years old, married, mom and pretty much a normal woman. I read the stories on here but I have finished very few, some of them get me turned on while others make me wonder if I could do that or not.
The one about sucking off the neighbor was so funny because I did the same thing except I am a woman, I think the writer is a man by the way it reads, please correct me if I am wrong.
One morning a few months ago I was getting the kids out the front door so they could catch the bus to school and there was a box on the porch. I brought in the house but noticed it was my neighbors, he is always up early so I decided to take it over to him. I was pouring myself some more coffee and remembering that it has been about a year and a half since his wife passed away. I am not sure if he has moved on but I have yet to hear of him dating and it is not like we talk daily but we would on at least a weekly basis.
I left the back door still dressed in my pajama's with the box under one arm and coffee in my cup. I guess I was about twenty feet from his back patio when I saw him wave to me thru the sliding glass door. He slid it open and I walked right in, the first thing I noticed was that he was wearing boxer shorts and a t-shirt. He was walking back and forth after I was over there for a few minutes and I found myself watching the front of his shorts because the head of his penis was bouncing around and I could see the outline of it against the fabric, the head was huge!
I started asking myself questions like, "I wonder how big it is hard?, How long as he gone without sex?, Your a terrible wife for thinking these things!, I wonder if he wants a blow job?"
I began thinking more to myself about it as we talked about other things and that is when I saw his eyes go downward and not come back up. I did not look down because I already knew what he was looking at, my nipples thru the fabric of my top. I was getting so turned on thinking about his penis that my body had reacted, my nipples were getting erect. He began speaking again but his attention was being distracted by my shirt and its bumps.
He walked over to the kitchen sink and made himself some more coffee, he asked if I wanted more as well so I stood up and walked over to him with my cup. It was then that I just snapped, I told him to turn around as I began kneeling down right there in the kitchen. He did so and as I pulled down his shorts I was greeted with one of the thickest and largest soft penis's I had ever seen. I looked up at him and his mouth was half open and he was staring down at me in complete disbelief. I sucked that monster into my mouth and his head fell back while he gripped the counter top with both hands. It took about thirty seconds but his cock grew and grew as it became wider and wider, I was sucking on it thinking if this thing gets much bigger my jaw is going to dislocate. I slid down under and started licking and sucking on his testicles as well, they were also huge. He was moaning out as I ran my tongue back up to the head and sucked as much of him into me as I could do.
"Oh my god Kelly, I am not going to be able to hold on very long!", he moaned out, "this is the first time in three years feeling someone doing this".
After I heard this I really started sucking on him and giving his head the royal treatment, it was maybe two minutes and I felt his head start throbbing as he began filling my mouth. I kept right on sucking and swallowing him because I know how much men love that to be done to them. He finally stopped cumming and I gave his shaft a big squeeze and a stroke to get all of it out as I sucked on his head, he was having difficulty standing up for this so I just went back to licking and sucking on his balls. I worked my way back up and started sucking on him again and he was smiling and telling me I had to quit doing that or his was going to fall down.
I told him "great idea, let's move this to your bedroom".
I got him to lay down and started getting that monster hard again, took off my pajama's and just the view of my naked body got him growing hard again, I was licking and sucking on him feeling it grow again. When he was hard again I slid up and squatted over it, I finally got it right and slowly settled myself down on top of it. He was truly large, I was trembling as it expanded me, I lifted my hips up and down a few times getting a quiver from each one. I was practically jumping up and down on him after about ten minutes as I had a great orgasm on him. His hands were all over my breasts and body, he would sometimes push back lifting his hips up and I could feel parts of me getting filled that have never been touched. I collapsed down on top of him and after a few short minutes he rolled me over and started licking and kissing my body, his tongue felt great as it began massaging my clit and he never stopped until I was screaming out his name.
He looked up at me over my breasts and I pulled him upwards telling him to bury his cock into me. He began a nice slow rhythm but I put my hands on both of his hips and told him to go faster and deeper now!

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  • Great story. so hot!

  • After I cheated on my wife,she got back at me by fucking the neighbour.I'm now a total cuckold.

  • Neighbors can be some of the best sexual partners. I've hooked up with two in my life and both were great at sex. One was when I was eighteen and and had my first apartment. The guy next door was in his forties but super sweet. But in bed he was super kinky and introduced me to BDSM. He would fuck me silly.

    The next was when I was in my thirties going through a divorce when my neighbor Rob, a guy in his fifties was there to comfort me. He was also into kinky stuff. Especially DD/LG. It was and is still great. Because after my divorce we started dating. He had me quit my job, move in with him, saying my only job is to be barefoot and pregnant. Which I recently have found out I am pregnant with his baby. Neighbors are the best.

  • I've also had sex with a neighbor. My husband is always gone for work and my neighbor took notice. He was a nice elderly man, he was 49, and I was 26 at the time. He would come flirt with me when I was alone. Make me dinner. Then one night he just made his move and I gave in. He bounced me off his cock all over his house. The sex was amazing. I had never screamed until that point. Our affair lasted two years and then he moved away to be closer to his kids. But anytime he comes back to visit I just can't say no.

  • 49 is elderly???

  • I was 26. I thought anyone older than 30 was old.

  • Seems people below 30 are absolute retards.

  • Ha! Apparently to a 26 yr old! I prefer to call them experienced. But I’m an “elderly” woman (51)

  • We know it's u MistressOni91

  • Ha ha I know

  • I'm 24,married 2 years.My hubby works away alot.The neighbour broke up with his girlfriend.He's mid 30's.Quite handsome,great body.He invited me around on a warm evening for drinks.I didn't even get too drunk to be honest,but he seduced me into bed.We started on the table with him pulling my clothes off from my waist down and just shoving his big dick in me.I was hooked,just couldn't say no now.So we moved into the bedroom where he gave me oral and then fucked me senseless.I could've stayed the night but didn't so afterwards I got dressed and went home with cum soaking my knickers.

  • Oh you good girl.

  • Your husband is a lucky guy! SO is your neighbor!

  • It's curious. Hot as your post is, you seem to me to be a very kind person. You had to have moved this man's heart deeply just for him to be with a woman and to feel again like a man after years of not. I hope that you will continue to be good to him.

    Your reading and responding to these stories is also hot. Thank you for posting.

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