Want my brother in law

I have the hots for my brother in law. Any time we have a family gathering, I find myself flirting with him and vice versa. It's usually innocent stuff, complements about looks, hugs with hands that stray a little, or talking about sex in a joking way.

Last night my brother in law came into the kitchen when I was there alone chopping vegetables and he hugged me from behind, telling me that my ass looked great in my skirt. I told him to stop it, as he was drinking a little too much, but he slipped his hand underneath and started feeling me up through my panties. I was taken aback by his boldness, but I bent over and parted my legs a little, as his touch felt great. I started getting aroused and eventually his fingers slipped into me, as he whispered to me how hot I was. I was flattered by his sexy talk.

We stopped after maybe a minute, because the rest of the family was in the other room. I felt a little guilty that I let him finger me, because we never went that far before. Everything was normal afterwards, with the exception that I was majorly turned on.

I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to have an affair, as it would be a disaster, but it is hard not to think about what it would be like to fuck him. I want to do that so badly.

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  • He had his finger in you as you felt flattered by his words and attention.

    Have you been able to put this out of mind? That's what I thought.

    Know what? He hasn't forgotten either. And already, he's wanting more.

    I think you're a gonner.

  • Tell your husband about it, he would probably love to watch you have sex with his brother. If he was this bold with you I would bet they have shared women in the past.

  • I slept over my bf house one night, he still shared a room with his brother, in the middle of the night I rolled over and decided I wanted to suck my bf's dick, so I did, and afterwards we had sex. It wasn't until after we were done that I realized it wasn't my bf, it was his little brother. We've kept this a secret for years, and no we never had sex again, but somehow it got out and has now ruined my marriage and his family.

  • "Somehow it got out"? Either you told someone or he did, I would want to know how it became known. It happened before you were married, it should not ruin lives.

  • Disaster or not, I'm pretty sure that he's going to escalate this, that his compliments and attention and words are going to eat away at your mind and wear you down until you're putty in his hands. You're aching for this now. He's going to sense this. You're going to find it harder and harder to convince yourself not to do this. That you need to convince yourself is telling...

  • I am a mom that has a son that broke bro code with his brothers recent ex and my son took high offense to it. It has split my sons very deeply. It has been that way for a couple years now. There is now hate directed at him. No more family Christmas. It doesn't look like it is ever going to heal at this point. Sexual tension is a powerful thing. Try and overcome this thing. I would suggest you keep it under wraps and chalk it up to you guys had a moment and leave it at that.

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