Dog-sitting for my Neighbor

The couple next door had gone on holiday for a week and I was dog-sitting for them. Quickly Zero, a big lab dog, got friendly with me and he would roam around me almost whole time.
This afternoon I took him out for a walk in the nearby wood. We stopped after about half an hour of walk to rest. He got up, left some piss-marks and wandered around me. I stroked his head and he nuzzled into me, as if inviting me to love him. I looked around me and we were alone. I felt relieved and I stroked Zero’s body and my hand roamed down his back, but my hand intuitively went lower until I was on his furry belly. He looked at me intently, my hand felt him, the soft fur on the sheath, the shaft felt thick, my hand was gentle but manipulative - the response was a thickening and lengthening cock of his with the tip peeping out a bit. I whispered to him - It feels good? Be a good boy and let me see it all – as I felt wicked and extremely horny. I grasped his fur-coated sheath more firmly and I started to masturbate him, exposing his red thick rod fully. It grew and grew until it exposed - a nice pink and shiny tool of his, my hand now feeling its large swelling at the base. My throat went dry and I swallowed as I looked around again to make sure no one was around. My hand was on his naked cock now, about 9” and thicker than a man’s cock. He started to hump, I could feel the wetness in my hand as his fluid started to come at the tip, it still grew in size, then suddenly the sheath slipped back over the swelling leaving a lot of pre-cum. I looked at it, it was truly magnificent, I started to wonder what it tasted like, and could I possibly suck it? My heart beating fast, Oh God! I must not do it here in the open.
I went to bed early, I lay there thinking of Zero. I touched myself and started to stroke my clit while massaging my nips and reached orgasm, it felt good, then I fell asleep.
I fed the dog in the morning as he came to me over for a friendly pat. We sat in the living room on the sofa and looked at him. He returned my gaze - I was wondering what was in his mind! I imagined his thoughts of the yesterday my stroking his cock, my thoughts too lingered with its length and girth. I had been without sex for nearly a year and my 42-yr old body needed it more of it now!! He rose and wandered around me, with his nostrils taking scent between my legs. I slightly parted my legs, my short skirt exposing my mound covering my thin cotton panties. I watched as his nose got closer and closer, my heart beating faster and faster, then he licked my crotch. It is hard to describe the feeling that went through me, but it felt like an electric shock. I was so horny by now that I took off my skirt and slipped off my panties and spread my legs for him, with whispers of encouragement as my fingers gently stroked through the hair on his head as he licked me.
I could see his tongue lapping my pussy as I parted my lips with my fingers, I moaned with delight as I watched and felt my clit being exposed and dragged back and forth by his tongue, It seemed to be slipping further and further down my pussy slit as I made my thighs further apart raising my butt. I groaned with delight as his tongue traced a route between my anus to my clit, back and forth, back and forth … until an enormous orgasm started to form deep within me and I could feel my juices being squeezed and pushed to him. He lapped them with obvious delight and I just collapsed on the ground in front of him, still moaning and whimpering. Oh! Wonderful dog! I gasped quietly, looking at him, then I saw his huge solid meat between his legs, his back bent and jerking every now and then, he was ready for sex.
I turned onto my knees, supporting against the sofa. I would have been happy to jerk him off, perhaps suck him a little too, but I wanted otherwise, to fuck me. I felt his heavy organ slap against my pubes as he humped at me, every now and then it slid over the top and seemed to reach half way down my back - and it was just a matter of time before he hit the target. When he did, there might be an instinctive initial refusal of my cunt but he made a forced entry, in full. OMG! I felt the tip hit the entrance to my cervix and yelled out with pain, but that didn’t stop him ramming it in and out at great speed and I became really frightened by the force of it. I laid my head on the sofa and closed my eyes.
My insides felt as if they were on fire and now I felt it swelling and being forced in, he pushed and pushed at me. I knelt like a slut with my backside in the air moving with him now, thrusting back against his force, my pussy slowly stretching and opening for him, and then it was in, it hurt too, a lot, but then he stopped humping and the most amazing sexy thing happened as he started to ejaculate jets of HOT cum into me, I could feel his spasms along the throbbing cock, and I could feel the power of the squirts that filled me. I tried to squeeze my cunt as he ejaculated jets of hot cum jabbing his cock into the depth of my cunt - a series of body-shaking, mind-blowing orgasm left me too wasted. We ended up joined together by his knot-plug inside me; neither of us could move away for about half an hour - awesome feeling of his cock pulsing inside me. He tried to turn around but I held his hind leg tight to stay in this position fearing that might hurt my pussy. Slowly his knot started to shrink – PLOP, it slipped out of my pussy!!
I now felt his semen flowing out of me, running along my thighs. I desperately was trying to find my panties to wipe it off. I put on the soiled panties and loved the wet feeling with musky odor. Zero lapped clean his cock and then he approached me, I stroked him and did not resist as he nosed my crotch. I pulled aside my cum soaked panties, watched his tongue lapped my pussy to clean, but I felt aroused as I wondered what had happened just now and what was going to happen over the next few days. my neighbor did train him well!!

1 month ago

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    • Who let the dog in??!!!!?

    • She so nasty! OMG! Good Goddamn!

    • Did he "bottom out" each time thrust into you??

    • God I love how much cum you get from him, the way it hits your cervix and your sugar walls, and how it continues to seep from your slit sooooo long after he finishes you off. And on that point, isn't it amazing how Zero just keeps fucking you until you have all the fucking you need????? A man can never do that! You are so lucky to be Zero's bitch!!! I need to find a good doggie like yours and bitch myself to him! God help me but I want it! Fuck . . . . I NEED it!!!

    • Dog cum is lighter, much more in quantity and too warm than any human semen. One will find the first shoot as if burning the mouth of your cervix but then the feeling is very blissful as loads after loads of cum are being dumped deep into you ... As you keep on squeezing his cock (with knot still inside) the cum starts to spill out slowly.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful words and for your encouragement!! I love your beautiful description of the incredible volume of cum. Ever since I became sexual, my private unspoken feeling has been that the more cum a lover gives you, the more he loves you. I know that's not true, of course, but I love the feel of being sloshy with a cuntful of love, or going home, after a night of total depravity, covered from my chin to my mound in the sugar-sweet glaze of love. But the way you talk about the heat of the spray makes me fingerfuck myself like I'm insane. And it makes me cum like the cheapest of cheap whores. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD!!!!!! You are amazing!! Thank you!

    • Has any human male EVER fucked you as good as Zero did? Or taken such good care of your pussy afterward?

    • None whatsoever!! And I too never had a cock like him. I offer my cunt whenever he wants it!!

    • That must be some kind of wonderful cock! shit!!!

    • He is a zero the dog is a hero.

    • So, after the week of sitting was over, how did you get access to him to satisfy your new needs and urges?

    • I am looking for a Lab or Rott and my neighbor has assured me of finding one within a month.

    • My neighbor confesses to me that she is into it for nearly 10 yrs as her hubby watches and then he fucks her ... my head reels imagining it!

    • She really really trained him incredibly well, especially how and when to work that glorious knot in -- and then out --- without injuring or tearing any of the heavenly vaginal tissue! Amazing!

    • Your pussy will never get injured or get torn as it will be well-lubed with his cum and your pussy juices, and the knot will automatically slip out as it shrinks off within 10 mnts ...

    • Depends on the size of his knot.......

    • Good news! Please let us know how it goes!


    • I could see my female dog is on heat. She was a large Rottie. I looked down and saw her dripping cunt and swollen lips protruding. I tempted to touch and stroke it. My cock got a strong hard on and I went down and inserted a finger into her at ease and then two - as far as they would go. I withdrew my fingers and I started to lick and suck at her pussy—tasting her sweet juices. No wonder, bitches can take large dog cocks ... Then I laid her on her side and spread her legs and this time my cock got past the tight spot rather easily and it slid inside her slippery cunt—slowly at first, but it eventually went deeper. Her pussy seemed too tight and with a few of my slow thrusting it started to spasm as I came in gushes.

    • You are fucking nasty!

    • How you know he ain't goin' around fuckin' some other bitches?

    • He won't as he lives in my home and has a better bitch ...

    • God damn, that pussy of yours must be fucking magical!!! I love women who are so selling to explore!!

    • "willing", "not selling".

    • OMG gross!

    • Good God you are so sexy and so hot that i love you! And now I also want to fucking marry you!!!! Marry me!!! Let me knock you up!!!!!!!


    • Same for me!! You are so incredible!!!!

    • I'm happy living the way I'm now ... Thank you.

    • Fantastic story. I’d love to read more from you

    • I love the way you describe how hot his juice was and the way you wanted it and went after it!! Jesus Christ, baby! You are such a total fucking WOMAN!!! I mean . . . holy shit!! FUCK!!! Do write more!!!

    • Yes! More, please!

    • What DID happen over the next few days??

    • I did it whenever he wanted!

    • How low and gross you must be to have sex with an animal!

    • So fake it is pathetic. Did you get your fake pony yet?

    • OMG! Hot and sexy AF! Well done you!

    • Nothing more sexy than a woman who gives into her natural instinct and mates with a dog. I was lucky enough to have dated a woman who let me watch her make love to her dog.

    • Must be the horniest thing I've read in a long time. I would love to hear from you. Please email me

    • Zero wants to KNOT you up and then KNOCK you up. One empathizes.

    • I would like to knock you up myself!

    • Yes, no doubt!!

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