A night with a friend

I was spendin' a night with a friend
and she asked me if I wanted to sleep with her and I said yeah okay and we went to bed early that night. Once we were in bed she slipped down underneath the covers and she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and started lickin' my dick until it was hard. She continued for almost forty five minutes until she thought I was coming and she stopped. She went for my balls and started suckin' and she continued for almost ten minutes and stopped. She slipped up to me under the covers and asked me why I wasn't coming and I didn't know what to tell her and she looked at me for a minute and said she has to work on it a little and she slipped back down and went back to lickin' my dick. After almost five minutes she stopped and went for my balls again and she started suckin' for a few minutes and stopped and she started suckin' my dick so hard and I could feel her teeth and I thought 'please don't bite it'. About fifteen minutes l finally came and she stopped and slipped up underneath the covers beside me and asked why does it take so long for you to come?, we'll talk about it tomorrow let's get some sleep.

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  • I love when my girl sucks my cock and bites my cock. We play a game.
    We go out and later when she is sucking me I ask her if she saw a hot guy she really wanted to Fuck at the party or club. We are always meeting new people/couples so she knows to bite my cock whenever I ask her a question. Was Jon flirting with you? and she bites.
    Have you fucked him before? and she bites. Was his cock good?
    I’ve even gotten her to tell me if she’s ever had black cock or ever been double teamed or strangest places she’s been fucked

  • I know. The sex is totally unwanted.

  • Horrible

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