Ex/clothes/Life/ not even sure pt 2

So my ex obsessed over her & miss the hell out of her (I won't say her real name so her fake name is Veronica) she was 5'6 and legs with out end, she had a hour glass fit body and ass cheeks that I could easily grab I convinced her to do squats every day by the end of the year her legs and ass look so sexy she loved wearing skirts during the summer and well non school appropriate clothes, we had sex once and after that one time we had sex every opportunity we had, (like any other teenagers would) she use to be the shy quiet girl all covered up in the back of class, years past she started dressing more revealing for me after we had sex once she would tease the shit out of me. I remember this one time she stripped nude waist down and pulled down my pants while laying down she got on top of me & she grabbed my d*ck and rubbed the head on her vagina it felt so good she was really hot and wet she then put it down and she was riding on the side of my d*ck it was so sexy she started to have an orgasm after a few minutes but continue to rub on me harder, she rubbed so hard I almost came she then was satisfied but I was just teased real bad and I was extremely close to finishing I ended up hugging her from behind and slipped my d*ck between her legs I was teased so bad that I came as soon as I slipped it between her legs, every time I was sexually relieved with her I felt so relaxed and happy, i watched alot of pornography so I always tried to convince her to have sex on the table or basically anything I seen on the web, she enjoyed wearing 4 inch heels, which she looks so amazing in. but shes not a huge fan of them she already knew about my heel fetish, first time we had sex she was wearing 6 inch heeled wedges, after some months I brought her 6 pairs of heels to basically just fuck her in I loved when she wore heels I would get an instant hard on we had sex so plenty of times with her legs wide open wearing heels, our last year's together we pretty much just had sex the whole time, I'd find it so hot when she use to tell me to go jerk off I'm not sure why I just did, I also found it sexy when she use to tell me i don't have to wear a condom just finish out side of me on the sheets, I never did I always finished around her pink pussy or the side of her legs or on her stomach one day she was so horny that she screamed at me to cum on her face ( you know me as a overly horny person I did) I came on her face she never told me to but I ended up sticking my d*ck in her mouth she gagged so much she then (she never gave a bj before) jerked me off with cum on her face still and she spit out so much warm saliva on to my D*ck and did a up and down twisting motion with her hands god it felt so good she suck as hard as she could on it while moving her tounge around, I was starting to feel an other load come out she stopped quickly and said "stand up ( as she walked to her closet to put on heels) want me to make you cum again huh baby) I replied with yes please don't stop , she then squatted down with her heels on and continue with giving me a blowjob she gagged once again and continue to suck as hard as she could as she moved her tounge around my d*ck she then combined it with twisting her hands " I couldn't take it anymore her mouth was so warm and and she looked so fucken sexy squatting down in her heels her face was still covered in cum it looked so hot but I couldn't hold it anymore, I let my load out in her mouth I fell back to the wall behind me she opened her mouth fill with cum and let it drip out between her legs. It was a really sexual intense moment for me, she then told me "aren't you happy I'm a 3.0 student I can easily learn off videos" after we cleaned up I had to leave because her parents were on there way home I came home and past out. She was so cute and innocent looking you'd never expect her to be so freaky she had the most beautiful seducing eyes, I've been typing for 2 hours now I'll post part 3 some other day to

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