My best friends husband

When I was 21 my best friend lived in another city two hours away for college. One weekend I went to stay with her and we went out and she met a hot guy. She brought him back to her apartment and they went into her bedroom. I went out to the balcony to smoke a cigarette and noticed that the shades to her window were not closed all the way and I could see perfectly into her room! I was in the dark on a chair and if I stood up you couldn’t see as the shade was maybe six inches from being all the way down but where I sat at eye level you could see right in perfectly. I didn’t pay attention and smoked my cigarette and then noticed the hot guy taking off his pants and underwear and he had a really big dick. Now I was watching on purpose. He moved out from in front of the window and the lights went out. I sat there smoking and just thinking Wow he has a big dick and balls. I went in for a glass of water and headed back out to the balcony. When I came out the light was back on in the bedroom. Then he came outside to the balcony. He said my friend and him were messing around but she felt too drunk and rested her eyes but ended up falling asleep. He had on his jeans but no shirt and he looked really hot and I was still thinking about his big dick.
He asked for a cigarette and we sat and talked. I was drunk and he was too and we were flirting a little and he stood up to stretch and his crotch was big and I reached out and put my hand on it to feel it. I told him he had a big package and he unzipped and took it out and put it in my face and I started sucking him. It was the biggest I have ever seen and my mouth stretched to fit it in. He picked me up and carried me inside to the sofa where I was going to sleep and he took off his pants and I took off my clothes and we had sex. It hurt a lot and he kept hitting my cervix and it was very painful and it felt like my vagina was splitting open. But it felt good and sexy and painful all at the same time. He finished on me and then I went to take a shower and when I got out he was gone. I was so sore. When I got home the guy I was dating wanted to have sex and it hurt so much because I was so sore two days later.
I didn’t say anything to my friend just that he left after she fell asleep. I didn’t see her again for about four months and when I did she was in a relationship with the guy. Whenever we would see each other he always gave me a pat on the butt or a peck on the lips when my friend wasn’t looking. They got married and I married the guy I was dating at the time too.
Now we are all friends, it has been 5 years and my husband and my best friend do not know that we had sex that first night we met. But still he will pat or pinch my butt and kiss my lips when no one is looking. I still think of his big dick the biggest i ever had. My friend brought it up a few times that her husband is big and that’s it hurts and if I have ever had a really big dick and I just smile and say yes I have.
If he wanted to do it again I think I would.

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  • After posting this I was really horny and ordered a big dildo that has the name Mike in the packaging. I showed my husband and told him that he should use it on me and we tried it and it was so hot being able to call out his name Mike and my husband asking if Mikes big dick was good. I was fantasizing the whole time about the real Mike. Afterward I told myvysband that Mike is a good lay but that I love only him. It’s all true, but I still feel very naughty about it!

  • Good for you. You have the memory, why potentially ruin two marriages and a friendship?

  • Do it again.

  • IF he wanted to do it again? The sly kiss on the lips and the butt pat is his message that he does want to do it again.

    If you are ever alone and have the chance, all you have to say is "I still remember how big your cock is", and he will soon be fucking you once more.

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