First time at over 50

I'm divorced and slightly over 50. I have been single for quite some time. I have always enjoyed sex but it seems with in the past four years or so I have become increasingly more active.

I've noticed as I've gotten older that younger men are more attracted to me. I was asked out by a younger man 20 years my junior. At first, I was reluctant and kept politely refusing him. After much persistence, I finally caved in.

He was very articulate and extremely intelligent. He was a Forensic Biologist. He was very attractive and very muscular and well built. We began a friendship that came with benefits.

Two years ago I moved to another state. We continue to stay in touch and I recently returned for a visit. We arranged to meet up and he asked if his roommate could join us. At first I was reluctant, but I ultimately change my mind.

I arrived at their apartment and was feeling a little apprehensive. There stood my friend a black male, 31 years old and quite attractive and very muscular. We will call him Darren. His roommate, a Hispanic 29-year-old, also very attractive and in great shape. We will call him Jose.

The awkwardness didn't last long as they both approached me and began undressing me. Both their hands were all over me. Darren started with my lower torso. He was eating my pussy and using his fingers at the same time. Licking me all the way to my asshole. Meanwhile Jose was busy with his tongue deep inside my mouth while his hands caressed and pinched my nipples. I felt like I was in heaven. They both stayed at their destinations for about 20 minutes and then switched.

After multiple orgasms we change positions. Jose was in my pussy while I was sucking on Darren's beautiful black dick. After Jose came inside me, we switched positions again. This time I turned over and Darren was in my pussy from behind while I was sucking Jose's dick. We continue this until Darren came inside me.

Afterward I began taking turns sucking each of their dicks. It was so hot and they were so turned on, just as I was. They were both ready to come again so I took both tips of their dicks in my mouth. Sucking on them as their dicks touched each other. Both of them came at the same time. I drank from both of them. I didn't want to waste a drop. I licked all that was around my lips and on my chin.

That was the best and most fulfilling sex I've ever had. They plan to come visit me soon and I'm looking forward to inviting my friend Greg to the party. Greg enjoys much of the same as I do. I look forward to writing new adventures with him very soon!

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  • I’m 50 and I bet I could teach you all sorts of things a woman loves. You’d be excellent then with women your age.

  • Wow w that's f......... hot you got me rock Hard Greg yes it's me

  • I'm a young man and love to have sex with mature and very mature women. I know that lots of young men want to have sex with 50 plus women. I like 65 and older women. I took a big chance and made sexual advances to a 83 year old woman, and she opened her legs for me. I was so happy I didn't make a fool of myself and didn't get turned down. I ate her out and loved her old pussy lips and clit. It was the first time that she had her pussy sucked on, she couldn't get enough of my big fat cock, we had sex for a couple of years.

  • Nice please tell more

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