My fantasy still haunts me and turns me on

When I was 17, I had a boyfriend, he wasn’t my boyfriend but a guy that I was hanging out a lot with and havin sex with who asked me what my fantasies were. He was the third guy I had sex with and I was getting more and more used to it and more comfortable with sex. I told him some fantasies one was being a stripper and having guys smite me naked and touch me but I told him my dirtier fantasy was to be used by lots of guys and have them touching me and having sex with me one after another. It is still my go to fantasy today as a married 40 year old, the men in the fantasy are all faceless and rough.
So he told me that he would make my fantasy come true if I wanted and I said yes. Not really thinking it through. We were going to going to go to a house party. He picked me up and we drove to a house of the guy we used to buy pot from. He was older, like 20. When we got inside there were six other guys sitting on the back porch drinking beer and smoking pot. I was the only girl. I had met them before from going to buy pot from the guy and his friends were usually there.
We started smoking pot and drinking and I was sitting on my boyfriends lap. We started kissing and he put his hand up my shirt and unhooked my bra, I stopped him and said wait let’s go inside and find a room and he said no let’s make your fantasy happen. I said okay. And he took off my blouse and bra and we made out with me topless on the patio with six other guys there. He stood me up and undid my pants and I was standing there in my panties and he sat me back down on his lap and we kept kissing. The other guys were watching and yelling and whistling and saying things like your hot and take off yo panties and nice tits. I stood up and they told me to dance and I did dance to the music and went to each one and sat on their laps and they would feel me up. I stayed like that just in panties for a long time drinking and smoking and it was fun to have lots of guys checking me out and admiring me.
Then the guy I went with said okay let’s go inside and he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and walked me inside to a room with a sofa. The guy who lived there followed in. It was a living room and we weren’t alone but he threw me on the sofa and took off my panties and started having sex with me. He told me all my fantasies would happen, and he called the guy over and he took out his penis and put it on my lips, I started sucking that guy while I was having sex with my guy. When my guy finished the drug dealer guy started having sex with me and another guy put his penis in my mouth and when the drug dealer finished that guy moved to havensexnwith me and another guy went into my mouth.
I had sex with everyone. They were all healing and watching and grabbing and saying we are all getting laid tonight by this slut, my guy friend was telling them that this is my fantasy and I wanted it and I am a slut and the other guys were saying how lucky they were to find a slur like me.
Everyone got laid that night. And we tried it again a few more times with the drug dealer but every time it was different friends over at his house. He would provide the pot and beer and I would have sex with everyone.

I still fantasize about it, I am 40 and married and my husband doesn’t know that I did this stuff back then. He asks me what my fantasies are and I lie and say it is sex on a beach with him or it is sex in a castle with him, when really it is sex with lots of guys one by one and i have done it several times.


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  • I told my husband of three years about some of my fantasies and like you that is one of mine as well.
    I am 23 years old 5'3" weigh 106 lbs long blond hair brown eyes and I get hit on a lot when out shopping even to the point of getting laid now and then but my husband don't know about that yet.
    Well Lars my husband unknown to me set me up at a party we went to and after smoking three joints I was ready to take on the whole world sexually.
    Well Lars started in making out with me and when he reached up unfastening my bra so he could play with my hard nipples well someone pulled my blouse and removed my bra so I was topless and I started in getting a lot of attention specially my hard nipples.
    Wasn't long till I was totally naked and soon all the guys (7) joined in , god I never seen so many hard cock at once in my whole life. Some guys were stroking, some were rubbing themselves against my face and neck as Lars continued to fuck me right in front of them. Lars quit and said later hun have fun and I saw him leave leaving me with 6 horney young men and one by one they all filled me with their sperm several times over. It was 920 in the morning before I guess I wore them all out for they got dressed and started in leaving except for Jason who had hosted the party.
    Jason came up to me started in kissing me and told me just one more time for I got the tightest pussy he's ever had even when 5 others went before him well I told Jason he could have me when ever he wanted my for you have the thickest cock I've ever had and we kissed and he started in making love to me all over again and again.
    It was around 6PM and the phone rang and it was my hubby and Jason told him I should be free in a hour or so if you want to pick her up and he told my hubby he had to have me one more time, my husband hung up on him. LOL

  • SO HOT. That is my fantasy too, but I have never had the nerve to do it, and now I am 50.

    You are lucky you got to experience that a few times in your life. Did they all cum inside you?

  • You still have time

  • Would love to talk about fantasies with you

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