Hot local girl spying

So last week I saw this incredible looking woman in the local supermarket and couldn’t help but follow her around the store. Everything about her was so beautiful and intoxicating. I couldn’t help but imagine her in some sexy lingerie or cuffs and ball gag. Anyway I got out to the car park and put my shopping in the car and saw her get into hers. I thought fuck it I’m curious to know where she stays. It was only a couple mins away.

Tonight I was passing and figured I’ll see if I can see her. I slipped round the corner to the back and as luck would have it her house has lots of bushes in the garden.
I scanned each window for a while when I noticed her with her back to the bedroom window leaning against it and a glass of wine in hand.

Her husband or boyfriend joined her and I guess the wine got them in the mood as they soon started kissing. Hands roaming and he took her top off. She had a white bra on and that too got removed. He flipped her round and pushed her head against the window and I guess he removed or lifted her skirt because he was soon riding hard into her. She looked so gorgeous in the throes of passion.

I forgot I was hiding as I stood up and I’m almost certain she saw me out the window as her face looked panicked for a few seconds then she smiled and really got into it. I ducked down realising I wasn’t hiding now and she kept looking every minute or so at where I was.
I heard him grunt and I knew at that point that was my point to leave.

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