Teasing The Landscapers

For some reason the sound of the landscapers machines get me horny and wet. I suddenly whip off my clothes and go to the window. Usually I’m not there in time but this one day I am heard the leaf blower coming towards my window it’s very low on the ground level. Sure enough he was right up against my window where I was sitting I kept the shade down for enough he couldn’t see my face but my tits were right up against the window. I didn’t know if he saw me but suddenly as his feet stopped moving as he kept blowing leaves in one place but there were no leaves. I turned full frontal and began playing with my nipples I knew he was watching. I pulled on them and pinch them they were rockhard as I leaned closer to the window. Except for a pain of glass he could’ve tweaked my nipples himself. Suddenly he got to my louver door and begin leaf blowing at it furiously. But then he rang my bell which scared the crap out of me. Neighbors are too close. I thought of opening the louvers to show him the rest of my body but thought better not to. He’s a bold one and came back a few times ringing the bell. If I were in a single house I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I didn’t have nosy neighbors. Next time i’m thinking of showing more than boobs as I can easy show my waxed pussy just standing up. I did this once before and had the mower and rakers all doing a great job lol
Why does this make me so hot? Oh, that time I turned around and shoved my big toy inside of me while my bent over ass faced them. The problem was I started cumming so hard I couldn’t stand and had to lay on the floor to finish.

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  • My wife does this, with the delivery guys. She has always been so turned on by the thought of the UPS type, young muscle guys running around. She loves seeing the Amazon or other delivery trucks drive up, she runs to the door and opens it and smiles and says hi. She’s at home so she’s usually in short shorts and no bra, so I know they get an eyeful. I’m going to ask her to try opening the door in only her panties or in lingerie, maybe naked inside with the shades open while they walk up the drive way so they can see her. She loves teasing those guys.

  • You sound like you need a really good fucking.

  • I love to fuck cannot get enough

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