The Worse Boss in the World

There is a young sales guy works for me and his wife is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. From the first moment I was introduced to her on a corporate outing, I was obsessed. I knew one way or another I would be sleeping with her. Her husband is young and ambitious and I searched for a way to open up an opportunity for me to get with her. Dan had been chasing a promotion for a long time and there was an opening coming up for a senior position, which he had applied for. Keen to impress me he had invited me over to his home for dinner. His wife looked really special and I couldn’t resist running my hand down her back as she greeted me on arrival. She didn’t pull away and I could sense a connection between us. As we sat at the table to eat I discreetly placed my hand on her leg. She made no effort to stop me, so I gradually eased her legs open until I could feel the outline of her panties. Then Dan said he was just going out to the garage to get another bottle of wine. As soon the door closed, I pulled her towards me and kissed her passionately; squeezing her breasts through the silky material of her dress, it almost felt like she was naked in my arms. We heard Dan returning and we composed ourselves, smiling as he entered the room. As the evening progressed, I told Dan that I had arranged some supervisor training for him, which would require him to be out of town for a few days. He enthusiastically accepted my offer and I smiled across at his wife in warm anticipation.
I had signed his travel permit, so knew the train he would be taking, so wasted no time in turning up at his house. She looked amazing as she opened the door in just a robe. I couldn’t even wait to get her up the stairs and we started fucking right there in the hallway. She was the best I ever had, willing to take it in any way I wanted. After the first session my balls ached and she was soaked in my cum. I spent the whole night with her and was still in her bed when her husband called. It was strangely erotic to be quietly fingering her as she tried to engage in a normal phone conversation with him.
I knew he would be away for a few more days and there was opportunity for more fun to be had. She was clearly prepared to do whatever I asked and I was starting to imagine what it might be like to watch her take on a group of men at the same time, so started to plan for a visit to a swingers club in the hope that I could make it happen.

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  • Your a bit of a prick aren't you ?

  • Lots of women are drawn to powerful men, but sorry for the guy, I hope his promotion was worth the price

  • Your title is correct

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