Husband made my fantasy happen

My husband and I were in Las Vegas for four days, just got back. I have no one I could tell this to, so here I am after searching for sex confessions.

I am 28 and my husband is 32, we’ve been married two years now. We were in Vegas and while he was sucking my nipples he would alternate from sucking one to playing with the other with his fingers, and I said it would feel so good if you could suck both at the same time, and he squeezed my breasts together and was able to lick both nipples at the same time but it was not Walmart I meant so I said I wish there were two of you so you could suck my nipples at the same time. He kept that going and said oooohhh wha else would you want for two of me to do? I said I would want to suck him while he has sex with me, I really do like the idea.

It was after we were dancing at the club in the hotel we stayed at when we got into the elevator with another guy. He was maybe 45 but very handsome and for wearing a suit and smelled really good. Our room was on the 24th floor so in the elevator my husband says to the other man, would you like help me make my wife’s fantasy come true? He said sure depends on what it is, and my husband pulled the top of my dress down and said help me you suck one and I’ll suck one, and both of them sucked my breasts at the same time in the elevator ride, I was shocked and excited and scared and turned on all at once.
When the elevator stopped they kept kept going and we missed our floor and rode it up to the mans floor. When it stopped they kept going. Then my husband said thanks and said we will be going now.
He got off the elevator and me and my husband were all over each other in the elevator. We couldn’t wait to get back to the room, we kissed and made out with my top still down in the hallway and against our door, when we got in we had really good sex and he put his fingers in my mouth and told me to pretend it was a dick. I was sucking his fingers like I would his dick, while he was having sexy with me. When it was done, he asked me if I would have liked to have sucked the man from the elevator while my husband had sex with me, and I said it is a hot fantasy but I’d rather leave it a fantasy, he agreed.

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  • This is a very hot story, its why I would love to share a woman with another guy.

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