Any man that has worked at our house

My husband has no idea that I have flirted and had some sort of sex with every man who has ever worked at our house.
The landscapers have seen me in my sunning suit and nude, all of them have had at least oral sex with me. Most of the repairmen have been given oral but there are a few who even refused that from me. One really great guy stayed for a few hours and we had an amazing time.
I think I love the variety in my life, sex is so much fun to not have it as much as you can in your life. I am probably a sexaholic if there is such a word, I have even been in an elevator and just pushed my rear back into a mans front and rubbed myself back and forth. I have let strangers put their hands up my shirt and down my pants or up under my skirt.
When I was working years ago my manager received numerous BJ's from me. I actually told him that I had a huge fantasy that I wanted to try if he was willing, I told him that I always wanted to go under a desk and suck off my boss. He was willing to do it and I stayed under his desk sucking and playing with his cock for over an hour. He took a few phone calls during this time and I never stopped playing with his cock the whole time. I also told him that he could ask me for sex anytime he wanted and he did often.
My husband has also been the receiver of a lot of sex and my fantasies, he has actually told me that he hopes there is not another woman like me on the planet.

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  • I have done the same thing and my last one was when our ice maker quit working. I was so excited about it and the timing worked out wonderfully because my husband was out of town. I started a shower about ten minutes before the time for him to show up, heard the doorbell and went to the door with a towel wrapped around me. I told him I was so sorry I lost track of time and told him to come inside, he was a little shy as he kept trying to not look at me. I led him to the kitchen and watched as he started working on it. I pulled my towel up a little more and knew that it was above my cheeks, I told him that I was going to go dry off and do my hair. I came back twenty minutes later in just a t-shirt giving him a great show and he had the freezer door open, he asked me if we had another freezer because he did not want to let anything get thawed. I told him we did in the garage and he and I shuttled everything out there in a few minutes, I bent over numerous times for him to get a great look at me. He finished up the repair and told me that he would help me with the freezer again and I just told him that he needed his tip for doing a great job first. I kneeled right on the floor and started undoing his pants, after I gave him a great blow job he picked me up and took me into the living room. I laid down on the floor and once he got between my legs with his head he did not leave for over an hour.

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