First time at 50

True Story. I'm happily married 50 yr old mother of 4. I look ten years younger than my age and I still get looks. I have been married for 26 years and have not been with another man in 27 years. I was recently on vacation with my husband in Clearwater and my husband had a conference in Orlando so he had to leave for two days. He was rejoining me and we were going to head to Naples to finish out our trip. While my husband was away, I met a guy on the beach and we struck up a conversation. I ran into him later in the lobby and we had a few drinks. I was attracted to him. He sat next to me the next at the beach the next day and we made plans for dinner. We were drinking for most of the day and dinner was early. I was tired and thanked him for dinner and we walked together to the elevator. He kissed me when the elevator door shot and before we knew it, I was having sex with him in his room. It was wonderful. I gave him a blow job and showered with him in the morning. Never saw him again and my husband never knew

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  • Get out of here karon potchie. get off to your no fuck island. if your father told you go get there and don't come back. you should be ashamed. shame on you karon.

  • My stance on this that I have never said no to a genuine offer of honest sex. Such occasions or "opportunities" if you wish to call them that never present themselves again. Provided it feels right it is just the best thing that can happen to me.
    My wife is from overseas and often goes back to see her family. During our conversations I have always told her that it she meet another guy or woman (as she is bi-sexual) and it feels right in the right situation then she should not hesitat and go for it. I would never hold it against her, no matter what she did and with whom. Naturally, it would be nice if she told me about it afterwards.

    Over the years she has told me about a few of her ex boyfriends from school with whom she had sex before and was curious if it still was good and would work out. With some it did with others it was the proverbial "fuck to forget". She had sexy night of kissing and lovemaking in bed together with one of her female cousins and she once travelled with her brother-in-law, the husband of her oldest sister and their plane got cancelled and they had to stay overnight in Houston, Texas. She sent me a text, that she wanted but wasn't sure. So I texted her back, "Do it! And do it all out, with total abandon and really well!". So she did and she later told me that they both felt that they had the fuck of their lives. He had taken and jizzed her in all her holes. She had sucked him, rimmed his asshole and finally he had showered her totally wet all over with his pee and had drunk her pee directly from source.

    Never pass on an opportunity.

  • I'm 51 and the mother of 3 boys. I've never let another man fuck me, but I regularly get fucked by my sons. Their cocks drive me wild. My husband doesn't know that our sons ram me and shoot their spunk up me.

  • I am 27 and the step mother of three young men from my husbands first and second marriage. The oldest is 18 then 15 and 14 and last summer all three of them ganged up on me when we were out on the boat sailing, They stripped me of my bikini and before I knew it all three of them were nude and god I couldn't believe what we did for nearly 6 hours. Started out just teasing but their kisses lasted longer and longer and went to my nipples and further down. They called me their hot momma and fucked me over and over cumming in me I lost track of times.
    It didn't stop till it got dark and turned cold we all got dressed and I was talking to them returning to the marina and told them all this was just a one time thing and Jason took hold of me gave me another big kiss and whispered into my ear I'm not thru with you hot momma.

  • You only live once, you better taste as much stray dick as often as you can!

  • That's sound like a wonderful and exciting woman, a real woman!

  • I'm in orlando. Clearwaters not that far away. You like cheating ? Why don't you encourage your hubby to fuck another woman to cover your infidelity. Don't tell him.

  • You fucking slut!!!

  • What fun!

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