Best high school trip

So this was my junior year of high school. I was taking Latin and we had a competition called foreign language festival. It's a competition where there were many different things you could compete in.

We went to the state capital and stayed in a hotel overnight. They put us in random rooms throughout the hotel. This was back when there were actual keys for rooms instead of cards. I noticed I had 2 keys. I went into the elevator and saw that my floor (the top floor) didn't have a button but a key. I put my key in and it started up the elevator. They had accidentally put me in a suite.

I was in a room with one other guy. The room only had one bed in it but it was a king sized bed. We had gotten to the hotel after dinner so there wasn't anything else to do aside from chill in the room till bed.

The guy with me in the room was named Craig. I had heard rumors that he was gay or bi but I obviously wasn't going to just up and ask him. He said he was gonna take a shower. I stripped down to just my boxers and a T-shirt and was laying on the bed watching TV. He showered and came out. He said, "Holy shit dude! Robes!" I hadn't been in a room that provided bath robes.

So he comes out and goes to his suitcase. He has a robe on and a towel around his neck. He is facing away from me. He takes off the robe and puts it on a chair. He is drying off his hair. He turns towards me. I wasn't paying too much attention but I glanced over and noticed it was standing there naked. He went to grab his boxers and caught me looking.

He said, "What's the matter?" I said, "Nothing." He said, "Are you looking at me?" I said, "No." He said, "Bullshit. You are too. You looking at my cock?" I said, "I...uh..." He said, "You like it?" I said, "Like it?" He said, "Yeah. You're still looking. Are you gay or something?" I thought for a second and just flat out said, "I can be." He said, "What's that mean?" I said, "We are in this room. One bed. You are naked. Nobody would ever know." He said, "What would we do?" I said, "I'll suck your dick. You suck mine. You can fuck me. Whatever you wanna do." He said, "You ever do this before?" I said, "No. Well, I've sucked dick before. Just experimenting. It was a long time ago." He said, "Well, you've seen me. Now let me see you. Only fair."

I took off my clothes. He said, "Nice looking cock you have there. Come here." I'm about 6.5 to 7 inches. He was about 7-8 inches. I walked up to him. He reached down and started to fondle my cock. He said softly, "I'm just fucking with you bro. I'm gay. Didn't expect to find a guy to fool around with." I said, "You like being on top or bottom?" He said, "Doesn't matter. Top probably. You?" I said, "Never done it. Wouldn't mind trying tho."

We got in bed. We kissed. He went down on me. Man did it feel good. I told him I wanted to suck his cock. So we 69d. Then he said he wanted me on my hands and knees. I obliged him. He licked my asshole. Then he pushed his cock to my ass. He went slow. He stopped when I asked because it hurt a bit. Took about 15 minutes. Woulda been easier with lube but how many juniors in high school do you know with access to lube. Soon he was fucking me good. He didn't ask to pull out. He just came in my ass. I felt so naughty. I loved it.

After he came, I layed on my back. He kissed my neck and sucked on my nipples while I jacked off. When I was about to cum he sucked me off the rest of the way and swallowed. We went to sleep naked that night.

Next morning we woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. My GF said, "What did you do last night?" I said, "Nothing much. Just fucked around before bed."

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  • You should have seen the dirty dwarf eyes light up when she seen my navy irish jacket and that it doesn't fit me. she aint getting it. I am not here to clothe her or others. i am too poor to help others like that.

  • I am curious to know where my navy pants went i need them for job interviews and work. they cost money and I can't afford to lose things and be giving free things to others. so whoever steal them let them show themselves with sudden death. I can't trust anyone, everyone is always trying to take me down. I am always being rouged and cheated out of something. I help others but others never help me much. I am sick of people stealing my things and treated my things as irrelevant. I should be treated better for all I do. I want my things to be treated sacred and i want to be treated with more respect. I have insane hatred for others. everything is about me now. I am obsessed with how I can get all I need and pushing out others where they belong down rather then them always pushing me down.

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