Did she forget I was home

I stayed home from work today , the weather is changing fast and I was feeling under the weather. I was laying in bed I thought I heard the door bell and a few minutes later I know I heard talking and laughing. Then I dozed off again. I was awoken by a pounding noise like someone slamming a rubber mallet on the floor. I could then hear muffled voices. I got up went to the living room and that's where I saw my wife on her hands and knees with her head down getting fucked by my boss. I stood there for what seemed like an hour as he pounded her from behind. He was saying shit like , you like that don't you slut and she was saying oh yeah fuck me fuck me. Dazed I looked down and realised I had a raging hardon. Embarrassingly I came before either of them. They didn't even know I was there. I went back up to the bedroom and laid down. About 30 minutes later she came upstairs and was obviously shocked at first to see me laying there. I said I thought I heard voices , her answer was yes your boss stopped by to check on you.

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  • I wish my virgin fiancée worked where you work.

  • This is a very hot story thanks for sharing

  • You should have immediately went down on her.

  • Wondering how long she has been fucking him, you should try to video it some how

  • I have sex with my boss, which is my husbands cousin also. I lost my job and he gave me a job, and I wanted to find a way to thank him

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