High heel fetish

I'm 25. Female and I have a high heel fetish , weird I know . I don't find wearing high heels comfortable at all but they just turn me on so much. I live alone and sometimes I'd walk around the house nude in high heels. It just gets me so aroused . Even when I masturbate , I lie in bed naked with a pair of 6 inch heels on .

I have a collection of heels. Some for going out usually 3 or 4 inch heels. But for home I wear a 5 inch heel. And when I masturbate I strap on my highest 6 inch heel.

I've spent a whole Sunday once at home naked just wearing my 6 inch heels. I was so horny the whole day , I masturbated so much that day as well.

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  • God this got me really hard for some odd reason

  • I have spent a whole weekend dressed up in knickers and heels alone in my house acting like a dirty little sissy it’s soooooo sexy would love to spend a weekend with other sissy’s

  • I know how you feel about heels. I'm a male and even I like to wear high heels. I used to own many pairs but over the years I've forced myself to cut back. I know it sounds weird but they turn me on as well. I never wear shorts, no matter how hot it gets because I was cursed with very shapely legs. Even women have told me my legs are pretty. These legs and my heels have gotten me in a lot of tight spots over the years. I usually like to wear them with very short mini-skirts. I catch myself sometimes staring at high heels for long periods of time at women's shoe stores. I imagine how good my legs would look in them. I'm too embarrassed to go into a shoe store and face a clerk to buy them so I usually go to second hand store, that way I can shop until I find what I want without arousing suspicion. Without trying I have made many dicks super hard and because of that I have had a lot of dick. Well, I guess that's not all bad.

  • I'm male too, there is nothing as sexy as walking around in high heels, stockings, suspenders, silky French knickers a bra and a lovely vintage lacy silk slip. I am lucky, I'm a fit shape with long shaved legs, 33 inch inside leg length and a cock to die for.

  • Do you ever mastrubate in thigh high boots?

  • My wife wears high heels all the time , We have a neighbour that told my wife she looked really sexy in her heels he asked her for a favour one day . Him and his two friends wanted to watch her walk around his house while they watch her they offered her £20 for half hour she said why not

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