What is she thinking?

Two weeks ago I visited my parents, while I was there my brother and his wife popped in to say hello.
My brother wife thinks and acts very posh but she’s not, she is a kept lady and she plays up too it, basically anyone that knows her can see straight through her.
We are all in the living room and she sits next to me on the sofa, she starts asking me questions, how is one today, I answer ok and she starts talking to my parents.
While she is talking I’m playing on my phone, awhile ago I filmed myself shooting a big load of cum.
For a laugh I pushed play and showed it to her, when it finished I played it again.
She stopped talking while watching it and without batting an eyelid continued talking to my parents.
Any ideas what she might have been thinking?

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  • She is wonder what kind of nut videotapes himself jerking off.

  • That you are nuts?

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