Who else spied on their grandma as a kid?

I remember sleeping over my grandma's house as a kid and whenever grandma would shower I would hide in her walk in closet to watch her get dressed. I believe she may have known I was there but she never confronted me. I used to watch her take off her bath towel and put on her big night gowns. But she had a routine of rubbing her legs and. Breasts with body lotion. She'd also never wear a bra or underwear with the night gown. Anyone else have similar experiences?

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  • I used to watch my Grandma get out of the shower and dry off. She would then powder. I remember her lifting each of her old saggy boobs and put powder underneath them. She never seemed to care that I was watching.

  • It wasn't really spying, but once my mom took me shopping with my aunt and an older cousin. I was like 7 or 8. They bought a bunch of clothes and when we got back they were trying them on in my aunt's bedroom. I was in another room watching tv. I had to ask my mom a question, so I went looking for her. I opened the door and my mom, aunt, and cousin were all nude or partially nude, as they were changing outfits. It was the first time I got to see what girls looked like "down there." I'll never forget the sight of my aunt's lips. She shaved.

  • One day we were at grandmas house swimming in her pool. She had enough and went back to the house to change out of her swim suit. As I was going to the house I saw grandma standing in front of her bedroom window undressing. She pulled down her swimming suit and I could clearly see her big saggy boob's with huge dark areolas and long pointy nipples and then she leaned over and stepped out of the swim suit and I saw her gray pubic hair and her fat pussy from behind as she was leaning over. She stood up and walked away from the window. I went to the bathroom and jerked off until I shot a huge load. I took grandmas toothbrush and wiped up some of my cum with it and I put some of my cum inside of her denture bond so when grandma brushed her gums and put in her dentures my cum would be in her mouth.

  • Never saw grandma, but as a kid I did see my aunt topless once. She was putting on makeup in front of the mirror. It was the first time I remember seeing a woman's tits. Her nipples were like cones.

  • Hmm no. Spied on my step mom though.Got to know what a real woman looked like nude from a young age.Then when I knew what the sounds of sex were I spied on my Dad smashing her in bed many times.

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