Does she like watching

The other day I was at my MIL’s house. She is single and very attractive. When I came in I went straight to the bathroom to take a leak. I purposely left the door wide open to see if she would come out of the bedroom and catch a glimpse of my member. She did walk past and I saw her look as she walked by. After that I was on the couch talking to her and I pulled out my cock and started masterbating in front of her. She acted like nothing was wrong and kept talking to me as I jerked off to her. After I left I called her and apologized for jerking to her . She said she wasn’t mad but it couldn’t happen again because of her love for her daughter. But she said she didn’t want any friction between us. My question is , does she like watching me and should I do it again

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  • You're not the only one jerkin' off

  • Why yes of course

  • It's amazing the depth of idiocy in such a shallow brained asshat.

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