Road Trip Swinging

I'm taking a break from the semester at college, and recently got asked by my uncle Nathan and aunt Nancy to take a trip out of state in their RV. They are only relatives in name, as I was adopted, but I've known them forever. I didn't have anything going on, so I said yes. I haven't traveled much, and they said they would pay for everything (meals, etc.) on the way. They asked if my bf wanted to go, but he's still in college playing football and can't take any time off. The trip was going to last a week.

There were five of us on the trip, as another couple (Janet and Rick) who are friends of my uncle also came along. They were older too, late 40s, but were all pretty cool. They made me feel like an equal. The quarters were a little cramped, but we all enjoyed one another's company.

On the second day, as my uncle was driving us to Canada, I woke up after a nap to Janet sucking Rick's dick on one of the fold-out beds. My aunt Nancy had her pants unbuttoned and was watching while she gave herself a rub. I said, "Sorry to bother you all," but they were like "It's no big deal. We're all grown ups." They then told me they were swingers and that they did this stuff all of the time.

Anyway, over the next couple if days I saw a lot sex up close. It wasn't until day 4 that I felt comfortable enough to join in, but it was really good. I had sex with both of the guys, and didn't mind having sex with the girls either, though it took some getting used to. I'm pretty straight. We mostly did one-on-one and threesomes in various combos, but a couple of times we had everyone involved.

We also had fun sight-seeing and the trip was a blast. Of course, my bf wanted to know how things went when I got home, but I couldn't tell him that during a lot of the trip I was just taking creamy loads. My uncle wants me to visit again, but I'm not sure when I'll have the next chance. tbh, I think my bf would shit to know what I did.


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  • Yeah. Of course...

  • Hot story. Best keep it quiet to your BF

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