Seduced by Aunt and uncle

For a few years I was my aunt and uncle's play toy. They open my eyes to sexual fun. It happened shortly after I turned eighteen. I was fishing with my uncle that day. He brought a six pack along. He started asking about my sex life. Without any notice he whipped out his dick and peed right in front of me and shook it. We headed back to the house where my aunt had already set up lunch and placed an ice cooler out full of beer on the back deck. My aunt was someone I never thought of going to bed with. She was plain looking and slightly chubby and didn't have much of a breast line. While sitting at the table my uncle asked what I thought of my aunt and confessed to me that she was hot in bed.

Then my aunt sat and joined us at the table. "So you're eighteen now Billy, a grown-up." she said. Then my uncle jokingly said to his wife, "Yeah, a grown-up, I saw what he has as he peed." I was so embarrassed. My uncle gave me another beer. My aunt asked if I had a special girlfriend and I told her I didn't. I felt her hand on my leg. Then my uncle blurted out to me, "Your aunt has this special fantasy of being known as a MILF. You want to do a MILF Billy?" I didn't know how to answer he question. Then I said, "There's this older cashier I have a fantasy about now and then that works in the store." As I was saying that my aunt was massaging my groin. "We want to give you a special birthday gift Billy." They both said. "You're welcome to join us in the bedroom if you want." I was surprised and a bit horny from drinking the beer.

My aunt grabbed me by my hand and led me into the bedroom. She pulled my pants down and started giving me head. Then my uncle sucked my dick as his wife held it. As he was sucking my dick, my aunt undressed exposing her chubby body and got on the bed and told us to undress. She was playing with her clit. "Come on Billy, I'm ready!" she said to me. She guided my dick in her with one hand and with the other hand, played with her clit. My uncle watched and was stroking his cock. Then he said, "You like that young cock in you babe, don't you!" My aunt told him she did and screamed out when she orgasmed. I was told to straddle across her stomach as my uncle wacked me off on her face and tits.

I started seeing my aunt and uncle often and told my folks I was going fishing. My aunt would take my cock deep in her mouth as she was banged by her husband. It got to the point she swallow my load in her mouth. My uncle would eat my cream pie that I left in her. I gotten to explore and gained sexual experience from them.

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