Why did you become a hotwife

When I'm at the shore I normally stay with my aunt and uncle. They are quite a pair; they are both in their60's and take pride in keeping themselves in shape which I think a lot has to do with my uncle' heart condition.
Anyway, the last time I stayed with them, I arrived unannounced with my boyfriend, which normally never bothered them. While they didn't say much I could tell that they were a bit perturbed.
BF and I returned after spending the day at the beach, my aunt was at the table with a young gentleman, it seemed they were enjoying a conversation and paused to introduce him asked how our day was and then she led him off to the bedroom. It was like wow, and to top it off shortly after that my uncle came up from the basement got some stuff out of the fridge and went back down.
We were staying in the guest room next to my aunts and it was pretty oblivious that they were having some pretty wild sex.
Cut to the chase I was sitting in the breakfast nook in the morning and I guess that she see the curiosity on my face, and she asked me what's on my mind, and then very easily explained her lifestyle. She said that menopause had diminished her sex drive and when she got it back, my uncle had ED due to a heart condition, and since he was the driving force about her hormone therapy and now she needed release and that what she was doing. She said that if I hadn't experimented a lot than I had ought to. She was so funny and so honest with me. she said that she wished she had explored this sooner.

Mar 12

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