Highly Attracted to My Uncle

Let me start this off by saying.. I've just recently been told about my mother's brother.. My uncle. We just met for the first time this past week (he lives three hours away and came to stay in town for a week) and I felt like there was sexual tension between us. We've been talking every day for about 3-4 months I guess and I've found him attractive ever since we started talking and I looked through his pictures online. He's 53 and I'm 32. I feel like he may feel the same way but doesn't know how to process it. I've gotten close to just admitting it to him but I'm afraid it will fuck up our relationship if he doesn't feel the same way and it will become awkward. I would really just love to fuck his brains out honestly LOL. I've always been attracted to older men and we both like the exact same things, music, etc. I told him one time that I wish he wasn't my uncle or that I could find someone I enjoyed talking with as much as him but I'm not sure if he caught my drift. I've been dropping subtle hints toward my feelings. I feel so bad because he's my uncle but at this point I'm about to just make a move on him and see what happens.

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  • Bend over in front of him. Flirt with him. Ask to spend the night. Sleep in the same bed. Pretend your scared. Give him head hell love you.

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