Filthy talking work colleague

Two months ago I started a new job, the girl I’m working alongside is one filthy talking girl.
She does not hold back with her words, she goes into great detail, many of times I’ve had a hard on listening to her.
She talks about having sex with her boyfriend all the time and she is very animated with it.
Couple of weeks ago she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her and it’s over between them.
She is a lot quieter which is understandable but I’m wondering if I should hit on her and have some of this sex she talks about.

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  • I got fired once for using obscene and profane words. Tell her that she might lose her job if the wrong person overhears her.

  • If you don’t hit it, then someone else will.

  • She's just teasing you. She knows that you get excited hearing details about her sex life. She's fucked up in the head for sure. That is why her bf probably left.

  • Sounds like she is all talk, If she was that good her boyfriend wouldn't have gone searching for different pussy.

  • You have nothing to lose.

  • Defiantly should, sounds like she'd been bragging about her healthy sex life, now she don't have any at home, you better get in quick if you want some before she finds it somewhere else, she's probably waiting for you to....

  • Yes, you should

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