She Really Wanted to Kill Me

So, I hooked up with this married cunt I met in a serial killer discussion group. She and her husband liked to act out tortures and killings of some of the more infamous monsters throughout history. They would actually do the tortures, but, not follow through with killing though you could see it in their eyes. She told me she wanted to act out the killings of Houston's infamous Dean "Candy Man " Corll. They had an empty bedroom where they covered the carpeted floor with plastic, and built a copy of Corll's torture board. It was decided that she, Emily, would be Corll, and her husband, Scott, would be one of Corll's teenaged accomplices. "We won't hurt you as bad as they did their victims, but, you'll hurt., " they promised.
So, I was summoned on the agreed date and time. They had beer, I brought some Thai stick, they had some spray paint. We swilled beer, rolled and smoked a blunt, and bagged and huffed some spray paint. The various intoxicants were too much for Scott, and he sort of crumpled in a corner, completely useless. She stripped me naked, handcuffed me to the torture board, and covered my mouth with duct tape. Then, she stripped nude. She's tall, chunky, blonde, large pendulous tits, a belly flap, a flat ass, and a sparse tuft of brown pubes. For the next four hours she violated me, anally, with a large rubber dildo, snatched out strands of my pubic hair, pegged me with an eight inch strap on, sucked my cock, forced the strap on into my mouth, inserted a small fiberglass rod into my cock, rode my face with her wet twat, and slapped my balls. It was when she slipped a rope noose over my neck and began choking me that I got scared. I believe she would've killed me if her husband hadn't awoke and thrown up. She uncuffed me and I got dressed and quickly left. When I heard they were looking for girls to do a Ted Bundy scene, I warned everyone I knew.

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  • So are you going to do more of this?

  • Not with that particular couple, no ! And, never alone with anybody else ! Live and learn !

  • Are you fucking insane??

  • Pretty much, yeah.

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